I’ve had a great 65″ Mitsubishi 1080p DLP for seven years or so.

I love it. It’s a great TV.

But it won’t fit on the wall.

Now that we’re in the Park City townhome, we don’t have the room for a DLP, and the living room isn’t laid out in a way that would let us put it at the end of the room and still have access to the fireplace.

Thus, our new 70″ Sharp Aquos Quattron LED, after installation on the fireplace wall:

quattronQuattron is a new technology from Sharp that has four subpixels instead of three – instead of RGB, it’s RGBY (Red Green Blue Yellow). This is supposed to make another billion colors available (how many billion colors did we have before?) and also is supposed to help the brain process color information.

Others say that that’s a bunch of hooey, that there isn’t any material out there to supply the fourth subpixel content. But who cares? It looks pretty darn good to me : )

Ethel is overseeing all of this (she also painted the wall before they did the install; that’s the same red that we had in Colorado, and she’s gotten the same green as well. We’re using the same color scheme here, except we are using a slightly brighter gold). She’s handling everything back in Utah while I am in California. You go, girlfriend!

…meanwhile, back at the motel, Silas and Sapphire have migrated to Oregon. He lost his gig as a laptop salesman in Phoenix; now he’s going to be doing tech support for the XBox Live thingy for a company in Salem, OR. Now, I hate to admit that I have a child living in the dominion of Satan Himself, but it’s pretty cool in many ways – my son has actually found a way to make a living out of knowing about video games : )

Wonder what that XBox thingy would look like in Quattron? : )

  1. Chris said:

    Re: xbox
    You give an old man hope.

    But my gamer seems to be doing pretty well in his college courses,
    so maybe other avenues will open also.

  2. Da Big Duck said:

    Kewl. Silas is going to be the first Puckett freed from the Bama obsession. Fadduh Duck will run an exorcism and teach him how to quack.

    • Touch my child’s mind and heart and DIE, piss-green Yankee scumbag!

      • Da Big Duck said:

        I have always been a role model for Dear Silas, and I shall continue to exert my influence. He shall become enlightened as to the One True Fooball Team. He shall dress head to toe in Nike. He will grow moss between his toes, and quack with joy at being freed from the brutal and abusive brainwashing of his youth. Quack.

      • kim not ethel said:

        Scott, when I told Silas he better not EVER call me and say quack, he said, and I quote “oh, do they play sports in Oregon?”. That’ll do son, that’ll do!

      • Da Big Duck said:

        He will learn. I will teach him the true fooball path. I did a Puckett today and had hot dogs for lunch. Obviously, eating the mojo works.

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