Welcome to the Trenches

…that’s what they said here at the office last Monday, when I got back here after five weeks of training in California.

They even decked out my cubical to be reminiscent of World War I:

Welcome to the TrenchesI’m not in the trenches yet, though; I still have more to learn. I’m still spending a LOT of my day learning, although just today I got the first concrete task assignment. And, of course, it’s terrifying.

Everything always is, the first time – except for jumping out of an airplane. When I made my first jump, we rehearsed the dive flow so many times that when it came time to actually make the jump, I knew exactly what to do and what to say and what to expect.

Here, not so much. Things at my current employer are different from anything I’ve ever experienced anywhere else; of course, that’s the POINT, but it doesn’t make it much easier when staring at that first “jump”. There’s no rehearsal, no practice – in fact, what I’m signed up to do hasn’t been done much before, as the first task is “figure out what that thing is and then go do it”.

It’s been a busy nine days since I got back; two weekends at home with KimPuckett, five days in the office, against a backdrop of beginning triathlon training; in addition, we’re still moving in to the new place, and getting everything laid out. The dreadmill gets delivered today; this weekend, we got the first bit of training equipment set up, my new Fuji Altimira bike on a Cyclops trainer in my office.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m supposed to head back into the trenches…

  1. Chris again said:

    Some day I’d like to have a conversation with you about the type of work you are doing.
    It sounds very interesting.

    • Chris –

      Any time!

      Workday has an amazing development platform that can curdle the frontal lobes – but once you get productive (it seems) you get REAL productive.

  2. Da Big Duck said:

    Is that Temple out the window?

    • Nope – that’s City Hall. The Temple is to the north, but there are taller buildings between here and there, so we can’t see it.

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