…caves in France, with great paintings on the wall, and a cool song by Steely Dan.

But also my new bike, a Fuji Altamira 3.0:

fujialtamiraIf you’re going to do a triathlon, you have to have a bike – or you have to borrow one, or rent one. Or steal one the day of the race.

But since I have to train for the race before I do it, then I have to have a bike for the next six months – and if’n I’m a-gonna ride it for 56 miles of hills (in between swimming 1.2 miles and running a half marathon) I want to be as comfortable and fit on that particular bike as I can be, so I had to buy a bike.

And since I hang out (virtually) with high-achiever well-to-do type-A personalities, there was nothing for it but to buy as inexpensive a carbon-frame furrin (‘furrin” as in “Japanese with a French name”)  bike with Shimano 105 components and all kinds of fancy things that I can’t even pronounce yet (why is it called a “derailleur”? Why not just a “de-railer”?) much less know how to properly use.

But the darn thing is pretty. I brought it home and wheeled it into the house, and set it up so that I could see it from my chair. I’m nothing if not immature : )

(The astute observer will note that the bike comes without pedals. The really expensive bikes don’t have pedals. This is allowed by the same sort of marketing that insures that yuppies will pay more for fish if it is NOT cooked. But don’t you worry none!…as soon as you buy the bike, the bike shop dude will show up with the pedals that you are going to buy, and the special shoes that fit inside of those pedals, because regular pedals and regular shoes are like fried fish – just fine and tasty, but not for the discerning customer).

Then I had to get a trainer (no, that’s not a guy with a whistle; it’s a stand for your bike, so that you can prop it up against a wheel that forces resistance, so that you can ride your bike indoors through a Park City winter) and riser for the front; The one day that I might have ridden out of doors, we had a social engagement that kept me from doing so, and this morning I had to wait for them to plow the parking lot at the condo before I could drive in to work, so I may not get to actually ride the bike outdoors until March or so.

In the meantime, I’m spending 4-5.5 hours/week riding the darn thing in place, then I hop off and jump onto the dreadmill (to simulate running a half marathon after riding 56 miles).

Then I go to the pool and splash for an hour or so. If I don’t drown, I log that as a swimming workout.

I have no idea if I’m going to keep doing any triathathingies after next year’s St George 70.3 . But this bike is (purportedly) high enough quality to have good resale value, which means I might get some money back out of this silliness.

In the meantime, I put on my dorky britches and climb on an expensive bike – expensive because we had to shave every ounce of weight – and then ride it in place on a trainer, where it doesn’t matter if the dang thing weighs a ton.

I said that my friends were high-achiever well-to-do type-As. I did NOT say that they were intelligent : )

  1. runabq said:

    Thanks for the compliment Jim.

    One of your high-achiever type A friends. Note that I did not add well to do.

  2. Dave C said:

    Not sure if I count as a friend, especially as I’m an under-achieving, okay-to-do (but certainly not well-to-do) and the complete opposite of a Type A. Still doesn’t make me intelligent. Maybe intelligent enough that I haven’t bought a bicycle (for myself) in more than 20 years.

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