The Media Room of Masochism

The Den of Discomfort – aka the Office of Ouch – now has a 42″ FWD (Football Watching Device). It’s hooked up to cable, Blu-Ray and Roku, but not mounted on the wall yet – nor do we have it hooked up to a sound system yet; the sound comes out of the TV itself.

But that doesn’t stop Ethel from watching the January BCSNCG game against the Domers while doing her morning run:

mromThat’s the new (to us) Life Fitness 9000 she’s running on. Just past that you’ll see my bike, with the new clip-on aero bars. Everything an “active adult” couple needs at 6800 feet in the Wasatch Mountains.

The house townhome is slowly coming together. Something happened to the washing machine when we moved in, so after some abortive repair attempts, the home warranty folks delivered a fancy new washing machine yesterday, so the piles of laundry are diminishing.

We’ve still got a lot of stuff that needs to go on the walls (not the least of which is that 42″ FWD, seen above, although I’m not sure of the terminology here – is that sloped thing the “wall” or the “ceiling”?). One of those items is a large, heavy mirror which Ethel has determined needs to be hung on the southeast wall of the entryway; the problem here is that these townhomes are built from bodacious slump block, with drywall placed directly above the block. This makes the place very solid and quiet, but makes it difficult to get a deep anchor in the walls to hang things like “large heavy mirrors”. So I’ll have to get out the hammer drill this weekend.

All in all, it looks like a good, busy weekend, built around the centerpiece of LSU@Alabama tomorrow night – time to break out the etufe and the corn dogs. I’ve got a longish ride planned for tomorrow and a longish run planned for Sunday, with a half-hour swim to come after either of those (depending on when my new swim fins get here).

In the meantime, my car is in the shop. When I was in Arizona, I didn’t realize that my heater wasn’t working very well – of course. And, also of course, I didn’t need the windshield washer pump to work – never bothered me, didn’t think much about it. And it turns out that my driver’s side window doesn’t want to come down in the cold; when it warms up in the afternoon, it works just fine, but in the mornings when I pull up to the parking lot here at the office and try to roll down my window to wand in, it becomes an issue. So Pep Boys is (are?) working that out for me.

  1. Chris again said:

    In olden times they hung pictures from a molding that went around the wall up near the ceiling, using long wires.

    You could do that and not poke holes in the wall.

  2. Da Big Duck said:

    So where did you put the Smooth Johnson poster?

  3. Da Big Duck said:

    I feel so loved. The memory of Smooth lives on.

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