If you’re going to drive a rear-wheel drive sports roadster up and down Parley’s Canyon in Utah in the winter, best get some good snow tires.

I got some.


The Hankook I-Cept Evo – what they call an “ultra-high performance snow tire for passenger vehicles”. I don’t want the “ultra-high performance” – I just want the “snow” part of the description. I live in Summit Park, after all.

It’s snowing right now in the Wasatch – I’m at my office in downtown Salt Lick Silly, and when the clouds lift a little bit, I can see the snow on the foothills. This means that it’s piling up up high. So I’m sitting here waiting to drive home and finish my work day from the house; I want to drive up Parley’s in the snow, but not in too much snow. I want to ease into this snow driving, given the rear-wheel drive, 6 inches of clearance business : )

This weekend, it looks like we might be staying up high – although Brighton and Solitude are already open for skiing. Perhaps we’ll come down and around and go get in an early-season day on Sunday.

But we’ll probably take Ethel’s Hyundai Santa Fe. Never mind the four-wheel drive aspect; it’d be difficult to get two pairs of skis in the Beemer : )


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