A Long-Time Fan

This guy is sitting over on the other side of the 7th Floor here at Workday Salt Lake:


He showed up sometime before Halloween, with the money in his mouth; he didn’t don the Bama regalia until here recently, no doubt in honor of the Iron Bowl.

(If you’re wondering why a skeleton would be a Bama fan, well, think about it – if he’s DEAD,then he’s spent time with Bear Bryant, and if he’s spent time with Bear Bryant, then, ipso facto, QED. I’m glad we had this little talk).

Things are just a little nervous-making this week around Chez Puckett – wait a minute. Our new place doesn’t have a name. The place in New River was the “Chocolate House”, the first place in Purgatory was the “Love Grotto” while the second was the “Money Pit”, but our PC townhome doesn’t have a name….this won’t do…

….but it will have to do for NOW, since I’m not about to name it myself…

…anyway, this is the week of the Iron Bowl. And this isn’t just ANY Iron Bowl – this is #1-for-the-last-umpteen-months Alabama versus the upstart #4 Auburn.  I can’t find exact figures for the last time this happened; once, in 1971, both teams were ranked in the top 5, but I can’t find exact rankings (which makes sens, because “exact rankings” doesn’t mean anything in this context. It’s only recently that college football as a whole has agreed upon a ranking, and that’s the much-maligned BCS).

I have been keeping away from ESPN and such; they don’t need my help to hype this thing up any larger than it already is. I’m very grateful that the ski hill opens on Friday, since I’m off on Friday, and one thing I don’t need is to sit around on Friday thinking about Saturday.

This is actually rather silly; it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. It will not change my life one bit – well, that’s not entirely true. It’s possible that, should we wind up going to a third BSC Championship Game in a row, Ethel might decide to sell some stock and buy tickets. That could have a major impact on my retirement plans.

But other than that, it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. I had to learn, lo these many years ago, that simple fact, before I would even start watching fuhbawl after I got sober; the game can only matter when the game is on. Before, and after, it DOESN’T MATTER.

Just ask him. Whether we win or lose, he’ll still be dead.


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