Yes, We Lost : )

So I get to the office this morning, and I see Auburn stickers all over my cube:


They also removed the Bama shirt and hat from the skeleton, and replaced the shirt with an Auburn  jersey.

As it happens, today is the first real snow event of the season; thus, I’m the only one who made it in to work, for the rest of ’em stayed home. (No, I don’t know why I’m the only one in the office. I drove from Park City in the snow, in a BMW Z3 with snow tires; if I can get here, ANYBODY can get here : )

So there’s nobody to tease me about the AU stickers; there’s also nobody to whom I can explain that, no, really, that’s all right – if Alabama can’t win it all, then I hope that Little Brother can.

Of course, for Auburn to get into the big game, two things must happen:

1) Either FSU or tOSU has to lose their conference championship game (tOSU losing wouldn’t surprise me; there isn’t anybody in the ACC, though, that can hang with FSU)

2) Auburn has to beat Missouri in the SECCG.

Now, given the Georgia game, and the Alabama game, currently I’d say that Auburn is playing with house money, and rolling 7s every time. EITHER of those games would be the “wow what a lucky way to finish a game” scenario; both in sequence is Just. Plain. Crazy.

So maybe Auburn is currently incredibly lucky – or, maybe, Auburn has already used up the last decade’s (and maybe the NEXT decade’s) worth of luck.

Oh, well. If Auburn can’t win, then I hope that FSU or tOSU loses, and Missouri can play for the Natty. SEC, y’all!


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