I Don’t Talk Funny

This morning, a link to a Henry Higgins quiz was making the rounds.

I call it a “Henry Higgins” quiz because, in the opening scene of My Fair Lady, Professor Henry Higgins was telling people where they were from based on listening to them talk.

It seems that I am from the Southeast.


The redder the area, the more that area corresponds to my speech patterns. Contrariwise, the bluer, the less correlation exists between the way them there folks talk and the way I talk. (for instance, the folks in Minneapolis or Boston are least likely to say “them there folks”).

Some confusions – for one thing, what I call a carbonated beveraged is a “soda pop”; of course, as an Alabamian, all such drinks are “Coke” (“What kind of coke do you want?”   “Gimme a Dr. Pepper”) but I spent some time in the Army; I learned to say “soda” and “pop”, and eventually they merged into a single term. But “soda pop” was not one of the choices I was presented with, so I said “other”.

And when I am speaking to more than one person, I will usually say “all y’all”, but that wasn’t a choice either – so I settled for “y’all”.

Interesting diversion here – I just used the word “garrulous” in a chat session, and a co-worker told me that I have quite the fancy vocabulary, especially for a southern man. I take no offense, as none was intended, but whence comes the notion that we Southerners are stupid?

Well, there’s nothing to be done about that, I reckon. At least, nothing that I want to do : )

  1. Dave C said:

    Well, lo and behold, I am apparently from New York or New Jersey. You could probably tell by my accent.

  2. Gloria Gardner said:

    I took the test and it actually placed right in Phoenix….I guess there is no mystery to me. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, if that is possible without us…but still, miss you all the time. Love, Gloria Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 21:03:44 +0000 To: glowormg@msn.com

  3. Chris again said:

    It worked fine for me too. I think the key was “you guys”. I hope you guys had a fine Christmas like I did.

  4. Chris again said:

    Also.. it homed in on Pajamas (Puh-jam-uhs) and Drinking Fountain.

    Did you know that the character played by Sandra Locke in Every Which Way but Loose
    is named Lynn Halsey-Taylor? Did the writer use a drinking fountain while
    thinking of that?

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