Park City Rednecks

Here’s our dining room table, where we had our Christmas dinner last night:

diningtableEthel made her first-ever Prime Rib for our dinner, and it was bodacious. (Ethel would never, ever eat meat cooked less than medium well until she had Prime Rib at the Chop House at the Omni in Tucson on our 25th anniversary. This has opened up many culinary options around the Puckett house : )

After the meal, while we were cleaning up, I finished slicing the rest of the Prime Rib roast on a platter on the dinner table; I made a booboo, and splattered Prime Juice and Prime Goo over an area about a foot square on the table’s surface.

I picked up Lucy, the World’s Dumbest Cocker Spaniel, and set her on top of the table so that she could lick the table clean (the poor pooch was sitting there watching us eat prime rib while she got nothing; it was the least that I could do).

Ethel then made an observation – “Yep! We’re rednecks!” : )

Recently, I deleted my Facebook account again, this time over the Duck Dynasty brouhaha. Now, I don’t know a Duck Dynasty from a Duck Dodgers, but I do know that I got tired very quickly of the name-calling that was going on. One dear friend of mine said that she hadn’t seen the show, but that she understood that it was about some “six fingered rednecks”.

I”m a southern white (mostly) male. I don’t mind being called a redneck, but I have to admit that the “six-fingered” business left me feeling sorta icky-poo, with its connotations of inbreeding (or even incest? I can’t tell just how prejudiced and bigoted my liberal friends are, exactly : )

…I just checked on Wikipedia, and it seems that

Redneck is a derogatory slang term used in reference to poor, uneducated white farmers, especially from the Southern United States.[1][2] It is similar in meaning to cracker (especially regarding Georgia and Florida), hillbilly (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks),[3] and white trash (but without the last term’s suggestions of immorality).[4][5][6]

By the 2000s, the term had expanded in meaning to refer to bigoted, loutish reactionaries who are opposed to modern ways,[7] and has often been used to attack white Southern conservatives. The term is used broadly to degrade working class and rural whites that are perceived by urban progressives to be insufficiently liberal.[8] At the same time, some Southern whites have reclaimed the word, using it with pride and defiance as a self-identifier.[9]

Well, I reckon that there is no question that I am a redneck.  I am certain that I am “insufficiently liberal” : ) …I don’t have six fingers, but I must admit to many mental deformities that must be of genetic origins, as my momma really tried to raise me right : )

….So I bailed on Facebook, and created a new FB account, one that can’t be found by my email address or other such info. The last time I got a new FB account, I immediately got two hundred friend requests, and it seems that most of those “friends” want to continually tell me how indignant I should be because of some current event, and how anybody who believes X or voted for Y or watches Z is an idiot or worse.

This always makes me cringe, because the (no doubt intelligent – very intelligent, since everybody else is stupid) authors of these posts don’t seem to understand that at least 40% of their readers fall into the demographics that they are insulting – I say that they “don’t seem” to understand that because I have to admit to the possibility that, no, they are quite well aware of how many people they might be offending, and that is there very intention in doing the posting.

(Sometimes it seems like folks in a certain mindset can’t simply have opinions of their own – those opinions have to exist in opposition to somebody else’s opinions, to keep ’em propped up. I have days like that, myself)

If you are an actual friend of mine, and want to “friend” me, but aren’t interested in telling me how stupid I am or my friends or family are, then ping me at my jimp AT fatcharliesdiary dot com email address.

That is, if you don’t mind hanging out with a redneck : )

UPDATE: Well, how about that – I realized this morning, during my quiet time, that I was talking bad about the folks who I see as talking bad about others. Ain’t that the way it goes, sometimes?

“If you spot it, you got it
And if is makes you mad, you got it bad”

Truth be told, the deficiency is mine- other folks can get away with that sort of argument, without paying any sort of penalty, but – analogous to booze – I abused that “privilege” to the point that such behavior has an immediate backlash on me.

So let me say it a different way – their behavior is not my problem. My inability to keep from reacting poorly is my problem. 

I do not know what’s best. I don’t know what God wants for anybody. I don’t know what the original framers of the Constitution intended or what Jefferson meant when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. I don’t know which side is right or which is wrong, and I don’t hold the moral high ground. I’m a DRUNK, for Pete’s sake.

I wouldn’t listen to somebody like me. Why should I expect anybody else to do so? : )

  1. Chris again said:

    I detect a fondness for Lucy between the lines.

    • Actually, I was just hoping that she’d get in trouble for being up on the dinner table.

      Alas, Lucy is ALLOWED up on the dinner table. But am *I*? NOOO!

  2. Dave C said:

    Hey Jim, I’m a redneck too. Leastwise that’s the English translation of the derogatory name Afrikaans-speaking South Africans use for Engish-speaking South Aricans. Dates back to about the time of the Boer Wars. As Wiktionary notes “the most commonly accepted theory is that it relates to the fact they [English/British soldiers] sunburnt easily, because unlike the Afrikaners they were new to Africa and so dressed inappropriately (i.e. wore inadequate hats, or no hat at all).”

    English-speaking South Africans also have derogatory names for Afrikaans-speaking South Africans, notably “rock spider”.

    • But Ancyent – I thought you were from New York or New Jersey?

      I’m reminded of Kris Kristofferson’s lyric from “Jesus was a Capricorn”:

      ‘Cos everybody’s got to have somebody to look down on. Who they can feel better than at anytime they please. Someone doin’ somethin’ dirty, decent folks can frown on. If you can’t find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

      : )

    • Dear friend!

      I was looking for some stuff on the web and found this, you’re going to like it, just take a look here

      Be well, Johanna Barrow

  3. I’ve lived in the South for all of my life and never had heard that “six-finger” phrase before today.

  4. Da Big Duck said:

    Jim Bob, I have never, ever thought you were stupid. Actually think you are smarter than me by far. Exception to the rule. As poor white trash myself (yeah, got an education, but you don’t get much lower on the class structure than I grew up), it ain’t about thinking everyone south of the Mason Dixon Line is dumb as grits. Y’all simply seem to celebrate stupidity more than the rest of the country.
    Actually was discussing the dynamic this morning. Not so much about Northerners feeling superior than Southerners having a massive insecurity complex. Not to mention huge blind spots. Witness your FB picture, which sorta celebrates that inbred thang.
    Obviously, Lucy is a Yankee dog carpetbagging Bama fans.

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