Okay – now this is going to hurt a little bit…

Ouch..there, now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? It was? WHY?

We lost two football games this year. After the game last night, Ethel says to me, and I respond, thus:

“You know, this is how the fans of most teams feel all the time.

“Then why do those fans watch college football?”

There’s really nothing more to say. I’ll probably finish out this season watching football – heck, the snow isn’t any good in Utah right now, and that’s much rarer than Alabama losing a bowl game – but I’m not sure that I’ll be watching next year.

Following college football is almost a part-time job. For about fourteen weeks, my Saturdays are lost, along with Thursday (and sometimes Friday and even Wednesday) evenings… and then when bowl season starts, Church Is Out.

But it only matters because I pretend that it matters. That just doesn’t make good sense.

First came the Bear, of course (that’s in my life. There were two coaches before Bear Bryant that won national championships at Alabama – Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas). Then I was young, and things came and went easier.

Then there was a drought, until we got Little Bear, Gene Stallings. Gene coached at Bama for six seasons, and only one year after the SEC split into divisions did he did he not win the SEC West. Oh, and he picked up one of those national championship thingies.

Then there was an eleven year period of wandering through the desert like Moses and the Israelites, through Three Mikes and a Fran, until Our Dark Lord blessed us with his presence, and we entered the Promised Land.

The first season was ugly – sure, it was a winning season, but it wasn’t the Days of Glory. But the next year we went undefeated through the regular season, only to lose the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl. But hey – it was his second year, and we went through a full SEC season with no losses. Losing to Utah wasn’t fun, but things were definitely on the upswing.

Then it happened – three NCs in four years, and the year we didn’t win, Michigan State paid the price. (I used to say “That sound you just heard was Kirk Cousins being sacked again”, but after last night, it’s more likely it was AJ McCarron).

In the last three years, up until the Kick Six, we had lost two games. In the last five years, we lost five games.

This is the first time since the Dark Lord showed up that we’ve lost two in a row.

So it’s taking a bit of adjustment on my part. And maybe – just maybe – I won’t have to do this again next year.

I don’t mean “I won’t have to suffer us losing”. I mean I might not watch at all.

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  1. Gloria Gardner said:

    We all think of you when Bama plays and especially when they aren’t doing well…

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