Comfort Show

Last night, right after dinner, Ethel told me to go upstairs and change clothes.


Now, at our house, in the evening, “change clothes” means “put on your Bama Jammies”.  So that’s what I did, wondering why Ethel wanted me in my pajamas that early.

Well, it seems that my sweetie pumpkin had picked up the perception that maybe I was a little beat up.

If you’ve been playing along at home, you might have noticed that in less than a year,

1) Mom died.
2) We finished up a 100 day ski year while working full time.
3) I ran into job trouble and started looking for a job.
4) We decided to sell our house, and started staging it.
5) I lost my job. On that day, the house went on the market.
6) The house sold in a week.
7) I accepted a position (after comparing three offers vigorously) in Salt Lake.
8) We finished packing up the house and moved everything into a storage unit in Salt Lake. I THINK we made the offer on this place the day we got to Salt Lake.
9) We moved in with a friend and lived out of suitcases while waiting to close.
10) We took a vacation on a Mexican island in the Caribbean, which would have been restful, except for the fact that we did five dives, I kept running, and I wrecked a motor scooter and had to be treated for that. A lot.
11) We got back from Mexico and I started my new job.
12) Three weeks later, I left for five weeks of intensive training in California, being away from my sweetie pumpkin longer than we ever imagined would happen, while she moved us into the new place.
13) While in California, I started training for a Half Ironman. (I neither biked nor swam before, to any great extent).
14) I got home and started the REAL training for this job.
15) I was training for this *(&^%$#@! Half Ironman while we finished moving in – during football season, which greatly limited our available time.
16) Ski season started.
17) Alabama lost their last two games, and then, on Monday, Auburn lost the National Championship – for the entire SEC.
18) Tuesday was a rough day at work.

So, as I said, Ethel noticed that I was a mite beat up, so she put me on the couch, and she put in Season One, Disk One, Episode One of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

It was like having grandma’s cooking, or smelling Mom and Dad’s house.


We watched the first two episodes : )

  1. Donna M Rode said:

    I’ll do that sometimes! Maybe not Buffy, but some other “comfort” show. Less fattening than comfort food. Ethel is good people. 🙂

  2. Chris again said:

    Wait a minute… you’re listing your VACATION on your list of stresses?
    I think there’s a rule against that.

    Let me find my “Type-A guide to Life” and see what it says.


    • YipYap –

      When a vacation is that active, and has an injury of that magnitude, it can be a stressor, indeed : )

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