The Desert of the Real

Here is today’s Shot of the Day from the Canyons Resort, which is where we ski:

shotofthedayThis is on the ridgeline north of the 9990 lift, which is where most of the extreme-ish terrain is at the Canyons.

It looks like a great picture!…until you see the bushes in the distance just to the right of the skiier, and then you look past that and up and you’ll see open rock outcroppings. Bare rock – in late January – in the Wasatch Mountains? That’s GOT to be a sign of the Apocalypse.

…oh my goodness – now look just to the LEFT of the skier – is that bare rock on the ridgeline?

Just between you and me, you shouldn’t be seeing ski tracks on packed snow on that ridgeline in January. In fact, you shouldn’t even be seeing the ridgeline. At most, you should be seeing tracks through deep snow dropping off a large overhanging cornice.

I just took a look at the Utah snowpack totals, and this area between Provo and Ogden in the Wasatch are currently at 64% of normal. Less than two-thirds of what we should have. I’ve never seen such a low snow year in Park City, although I understand that they have had some lean winters during the eight years that we were gone.

(An interesting thing about that snowpack map, linked above – it shows Escalante, down in the south-central to southeastern part of the state, at 111%. This fits with the winter that Purgatory and Wolf Creek Pass, in southwestern Colorado, are getting – basically, they are getting bombed. Fantastic deep stuff).

I reckon that this is the way that things are, and thus they are the way that they are supposed to be. And, truth be told, the skiing this weekend at the Canyons was still better than most anything I ever experienced back East (southeast or northeast) other than on rare occasions. The bumps were great, and the weather was wonderful.

But I had expectations that moving back to Utah would move me back to what I remembered of Utah, and I reckon that ol’ chestnut that we get from the mutual fund companies applies here as well as anywhere – “past performance is no guarantee of future results”.

However, at the end of the day, we’re sliding on snow, and that’s great, and I’m living in Park City, Utah, and that’s great, too : )


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