There Is No Eastern Third of Utah

…it doesn’t exist.

Or, if it does, then it lives under a bubble, and it is not subject to weather.

Read the last line of this Hazardous Weather Outlook:

Hazardous…That’s right.


Now, you might have to look at that for maybe a minute before it makes you say “Huh?”

After seeing this for some months, I finally contacted the Webmaster for the site:

Dear Webmaster –

For the last good while, Hazardous Weather statements for this area have


Uh, don’t you mean EASTERN two thirds of Utah and Wyoming?

…and he responded:

jim, the grand junction office is responsible for daggett, uintah, grand, and San Juan counties. the SLC office for the rest of utah along with uinta county wyoming.

hope that answers your question.

Okay, dear FCD reader – would that have answered YOUR question, had your question been mine?

I simply could not understand what he meant, so – silly of me – I persisted:

So it seems that it SHOULD be saying “eastern two thirds of Utah and
Wyoming”, instead of saying “western two thirds of Utah and Wyoming”.

It seems that I’m being silly in persisting, because:

> no, SLC has the western 2/3rds of the state basically, while grand junction does hazards for the eastern third. seems you have it backwards. 😉

I should have realized where we were going here, but I wasn’t. I thought we were trying to forecast the weather for an area; it seems that we are, indeed, actually talking about government offices and their turf. But I didn’t understand that quite yet, and said:

Well, to say “Wyoming and the western two-thirds of Utah” leaves the
eastern third of Utah unaccounted for : )

Okay, his answer finally allows the sun to rise over Marblehead:

> As stated earlier, it is accounted for by the NWS grand junction office. Their product covers that area, including zones and warnings/watches. This is based more on radar coverage and proximity rather than state borders nationwide.

So what the local NWS site is doing is saying something like the following:

“We’re not going to tell you what the weather is like all over your area, because we are – or might be – in a bureaucratic snit with the Grand Junction office. We’ll tell you what it’s like in Southwest Wyoming or in western Utah, even though that’s two different geographic regions, but we won’t include the information from the Grand Junction office, even though that is the geographic area between these two forecast areas, for some reason that we’re not going to tell you about. Nanner, nanner boo-boo.

In addition, we’re not even going to understand your confusion over why we are giving you the weather for western Wyoming and western Utah and leaving out eastern Utah. We’re just gonna look at you as though you were stupid, stupid, stupid.”

(editor’s note: that last line came about because last night Ethel and I watched “The Rainmaker”. Jim&Ethel give it Two Thumbs Up!)

I might drop this as being a simple misunderstanding because I am, indeed, “stupid stupid stupid” – but as my co-workers came in this morning, I said to each of them “This weather warning is for Southwest Wyoming and the western two-thirds of Utah” and each one of them, individually, screwed up their faces and said “Huh? What about eastern Utah?”

Without exception. They ALL had the same confusion I did.

So, if I am stupid, stupid, stupid, I’m in some really smart company : )

N.B. – this leaves one wondering why the SLC office does forecasts for western Utah and southwest Wyoming, but not eastern Utah. Why do they skip a hundred miles of mountains inbetween? But I’m not about to ask that question : )


Hmmm…I feel like we’re not communicating : )

  1. Donna M Rode said:


  2. chris said:

    grand junction probably disagreed with their forecast

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