Three To Five Feet

…according to one of the alerts that Ethel got. The ones I’ve seen said “Two to Four Feet” by Monday PM.

forecastBut I don’t believe it.

I’ve not seen a real, real snowstorm since we left here in 2005. We had some 1+ footers in Colorado, true – but the biggest storm of that entire period dropped snow in Pinetop while we were on vacation from Pinetop to Durango, when we bought the first condo.

(Strangely enough, the deepest snow – and the best conditions and deepest base measurements – that I’ve ever skiied on was at Purgatory, back in ’93. But that was a freak winter.)

We had a couple of dumps around a foot in November, but nothing much since then.

When we used to live up the hill – about 1/3 of a mile west of here, up on Parkview Drive – there were many, MANY times that I would raise the garage door and then crank up Megaweapon, my big 10 HP snowblower, and push it into the fallen snow – and then back up and push it again because the snow was deeper than the snowblower was tall, so each bit of asphalt had be blown twice; once to get that first 18″ deep out of the way, then back in to get what fell in from what was on top.

For a while, Ethel and I had His ‘N’ Hers Snowblowers, so that she could just follow me with MilliWeapon and get what MegaWeapon missed. Those were the days of snow!

I’ve never, ever gotten tired of snow. I’ve never seen enough snow. Now matter how much was on the ground, no matter how inconvenient it was, no matter how cold it was, no matter even if there was too much snow to get to the ski hill – when the storm would die down and the last flake would fall, I would always look at it and say “…awww…”

And this doesn’t seem to be anything that I am growing out of. I’d just as soon watch it snow as watch anything else.

No, I don’t believe three to five feet – nor do I believe two to four feet.

But I might be willing to believe in one to two. Or maybe a smidge more : )


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