By The Rivers of Babylon

…is the penultimate novel by Nelson Demille.

rivers_of_babylon“Penultimate” in this context doesn’t mean that it’s his next-to-last novel; it means the next-to-last novel of his that I’ll read.

And I’m not sure that it’s not the last.

Last August, our friend Dr Janet turned us on to Nelson Demille, and I’ve enjoyed the ride. I’ve read everything he has written as Nelson Demille (he has some earlier novels under a penname that seem sorta juvenile) except for the last few pages of Rivers and “The Gate House”.

Gate House is a sequel to “The Gold Coast”, which was the most amoral DeMille novel that I’ve read; most of Nelson’s stories have good guys and bad guys, but Gold Coast had privileged amoral types and bad guys. That’s not the kind of thing that keeps me coming back.

I’ve been in the last 30 pages or so of Rivers for what seems like weeks now; it’s not tidying up well, but there may be a bit of not wanting to finish the novel in the list of “why is this taking so long”. What will I do after I read the last Demille?


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