We See Things Differently

I can say this statement with no fear of honest contradiction, because, no matter who you are, we see things differently.

eye-chart-2In fact, that may be what “seeing” is – it’s a perception, and therefore not the fact itself, and can only be temporary and local to a particular person in a particular time (in fact, that may be what the illusion of “particular person” and “particular time” actually mean – that we see things differently is based on the belief that we are different).

Now, some things you and I see differently. And some of the things that we see differently may be about how we see things differently. I have my values and you have your values; some of my values have to do with how and when and where I think it’s appropriate to discuss those values.

I just hid a friend on FaceBook; I hid her because she wanted to post political stuff. I’ve gone to great lengths to get rid of political posters. I don’t want to hear how you think that something that somebody else thinks is “ridiculous”.

I think that a lot of things are ridiculous, but I’m not sure that it’s polite to tell them, unless we’re in a setting where the question exists as a question. And I am sure that I’m uncomfortable for someone to say such a thing in a social setting, when a good many of the people receiving the communication are holding the viewpoint that is being called “ridiculous”.

I would like to be the person who is totally cool with folks around me being just as rude as they want to be. But, unfortunately, I’m about as rude as anybody can be myself, so if I hang out in a setting where such rudeness is acceptable, then I’ll join in.

So I hide folks so that I won’t start thinking that it’s okay for ME to do such a thing

Because that’s just ridiculous : )


  1. Gloria Gardner said:

    uh oh, if it is me, I apologize… Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:43:15 +0000 To: glowormg@msn.com

    • No, it wasn’t. Maybe you were posting the stuff (a lot of it is anti-Arizona) but I must not have seen it.

      And it’s usually not an issue of posting a link to a story, but a brazen statement that the folks holding the views that the poster is disagreeing with are somehow stupid. Which mostly means to me that said poster is REALLY stupid, because he doesn’t understand that there must be some large fraction of the population that DOES agree with those views, else there wouldn’t be a controversy.

  2. chris said:

    I don’t see you on Facebook, but I have lost track of why. I just figured you were one of the smart people who have escaped its gravitational pull.

    • I posted some months back that I had deleted my account and that if any of my FCD friends wanted the new account, to ask me about it : )

      • chris said:

        thanks for the invite!

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