I don’t post cute pictures

…but this one got me:

dogsI let the dog out myself – today, I am at home with Lucy, the World’s Dumbest Cocker Spaniel. Lucy, it seems, has a pinched nerve.

Now, the very EXISTENCE of Lucy, the WDCS, pinches my nerves in a most excruciating way, but since Ethel loves Lucy, I tolerate her.

(At this point in the post, I attempted a filk of “I Love Lucy”, but realized that not many folks remember the theme music, and besides, it’s hard to find a rhyme for “empty frontal lobes”)

I don’t really have much to say today – no, of course, that’s not true. I always have way too much to say at any given time on any given topic. But I don’t have much to say that’s worth reading (including the statement that “I don’t have much to say today” – that’s not really worth reading either. And now I’ve made you read it twice, plus the additional verbiage about how it’s not worth reading, plus this. Being a blogger involves much abuse of very little power).

I’m looking out the window of my home office, at the hill across the parking lot, and there are only patches and piles of snow on that hill. This is the seventh of March. By the seventh of March, the snow should be getting near its deepest; we should not have bare ground in Summit Park in March.

But we’ve had bare ground in Summit Park all winter – in fact, Lucy’s pee patch has been snow free all year, except for right after a storm. I can see green grass in my small yard. If you had told me that I’d be seeing that, I would have laughed and wondered what the joke was. Who ever heard of bare ground in March in Summit Park?

…Now, at the ski hill, there is plenty of snow. It’s not the best snow – we haven’t really had a Utah powder day this year, but there is indeed plenty of snow. No rocks or dirt to be seen. However, the snow is the heaviest that I’ve ever seen in Utah, and the temperatures are so warm that it is slushy, and when the sun is shining on it, it is sticky. So we’re not having long days of fun skiing – just a few runs usually is sufficient.

Of course, given my levels of training for this silliness I’m involved in in May – i.e., the Half Ironman – that’s about all that I can ski, anyway. So I suppose that it all works together – the liabilities and assets balance out, such that what seems to be a liability in one account is an asset in another.

Except, of course, for Locy, who is just a liability.


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