Moose Crossing

Here’s a sign up on Parkview Drive, just up the hill from our condo (and just down the hill from our old house):

MooseCrossingIt’s actually fairly accurate – for some reason, moosen really like to go uphill right in this area of Summit Park. Since we’ve moved back, we’ve seen moosen leave the Aspenbrook Condo area and head up towards this sign, and we’ve seen ’em cross the road just past this and head further up the hill.

I don’t know where they come DOWNhill, but they have to eventually, else the top of the hill would be covered in moosen.

Moosen are one of the wonderful things about living in Utah. We saw some few in Vermont, and we’ve heard that they have been reintroduced into the San Juan Mountains around Silverton, but we didn’t see any while living there. But they are definitely all over the Wasatch. You don’t go too long without seeing one somewhere around Summit Park.

Ethel likes to moosewatch as she’s driving up and down Parley’s Canyon – she spots ’em on the hills. Somehow, she can tell the difference between a moose and a moose-sized live oak from miles away.

I understand that we have bears in Summit Park, as well, but I’ve never seen one. And there was supposedly bear around the condo in Purgatory, but I never saw one there, either. In fact, I now realize that the only time I’ve ever seen bear in the wild was up in Alaska and British Columbia.

We are looking forward to spring and summer in the Wasatch Mountains, and also to getting back out into the Uintahs. I love skiing and snow, but this has been a disappointing ski season. We’re hoping to get some golf and some rock climbing in this year.

I just happened to notice that slip rental at the Great Salt Lake Marina is a small fraction of what they wanted at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix; in fact, we could rent a slip with full utilities for not much more than what we paid to park our Mac 26 at Lake Pleasant in the dry storage lot. But Ethel is not interested. I reckon she got tired of sailing, and nothing I can do can rekindle any interest for her.



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