Gotta Go See a Man

Well, did an hour on the bike this morning, and an hour in the pool. Both were sorta disappointing – I’m not getting in any better bike or swim shape. I’m only playing this out because I said that I would do it – it’s fairly obvious by now that I’ll never be a triathadude.

Put off my hour run until lunchtime, but it wound up being closer to an hour and a half. And I was going to run at Planet Fitness one block over from the office, because it is cold and overcast and windy out there – just plain ugly today.
But instead, I ran up City Creek Canyon.
CityCreek“Lemme ‘splain – no, is too much. Lemme sum up”.
I walked over to Planet Fitness with a friend, who was telling me that he had gone over there before work, and that all of the toilets were out of order – johns and urinals alike. All out of order. Broken. Can’t use ’em.
Of course, that had been many hours before, so they certainly were fixed by now, right? I mean, you can’t have a facility where people are in there for hours working out with no place to go potty, right?
WRONG. Everything was still out of order.
So I hopped on the dreadmill and got going for my hour run – but three minutes into it, I said “What am I doing? There’s no way I’ll make an hour in here without having to go to the bathroom”. And it occurred to me that I know plenty of potty stops on Canyon Road or up in City Creek, so…sure, it’s frigid out there, and windy as all get out, but would I rather be cold and miserable, or miserable with a full bladder?
That’s a no-brainer. So I threw a regular t-shirt over my running singlet, and put on my hat, and headed up the hill.
And the strangest thing happened – while I’m running up the hill, I’m in the wind, and I’m aware that I’m not comfortable – but I’m also aware that as long as I’m running uphill, I’m generating plenty of heat. And I felt okay running uphill anyway, so it seems that I just kept running uphill, because I figured that when I turned around to go downhill, I’d be colder and more miserable.
OF COURSE it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that, the longer I am running uphill (and thus keeping reasonably warm) the longer I would have to run downhill, which would mean that I’d be colder longer. I was even aware of this consequence, but that didn’t keep me from continuing to run uphill.
Maybe I was placing my faith in Global Warming, hoping that by the time I finally turned around, the planet would have warmed up enough to keep me toasty on the way down. Or maybe I’m simply so short-sighted that I didn’t care – as long as it wasn’t now that I was going to be cold, I was okay with it.
But what goes up must come down.
I turned around after 44 minutes of uphill (in addition to my three minutes on the treadmill before heading outside) and headed back down; since I was so cold, I ran harder to try to warm up, and managed to get back down the hill in less than 36 minutes. Which means that I came up short on my planned 1:30, and only got 1:23:17 instead. And that time was at a greater intensity than I had intended, as well.
All of this was because I didn’t want to go an hour without going to the john – but wound up going almost that long anyway, as once I was running uphill, I wasn’t thinking about going to the bathroom. Maybe the discomfort of running uphill in the cold and wind trumped the discomfort of running with a full bladder.



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