A Year Ago I Didn’t Own A Wetsuit


Now I have two of them : )

Here’s my new (used) Synergy hybrid –

synergy…at least, I think that that is the model that I got. I got it from my friend Scott at Team Fast Lane – he’s a triathadudeasaurus rex.

(When I look at that wetsuit, I can’t help but say…….”HONEY! WHERE’S MY SUPERSUIT??”  Reference? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? : )

This wetsuit has a 5mm front, 3mm shoulder bellows, and 2 mm arms; that lets one move one’s arms easier, which is why it’s a triathlon wetsuit. It lets one swim easier. My other wetsuit is a straight SCUBA wetsuit, and it is designed to keep one from moving anything more than is necessary (this is why Ethel says that one can’t really consider SCUBA an athletic sport, as the whole intent is never to get out of breath 🙂

So now I’ve got a spendy bike, triathabritches (that I swim in) and a traithawetsuit. I’ve got everything but talent and ability.

On the way home tonight, I’ll pick up the bike rack for the Audi, and Ethel and I are currently planning/discussing/considering/I’m-not-sure-what heading down to St George for the weekend, to allow me to run and bike the courses for the IM/2. There is also a roundup down there this weekend – the Dixie Winterfest – so I can make some meetings while I’m not doing stupid stuff (riding 56 miles with 4000 feet of vertical, running 13 miles with 2000 feet of vertical ((n.b. – Karl and his Wah-Wah says that the run course only has about a thousand feet of vertical but why would the IM St George folks post a run elevation profile with 2000 feet of vertical? To scare folks away? That would be very bad race management)) assuming that, having done the stupid stuff already, I am still able to sit up for a meeting.

This morning was 90 minutes on the bike, doing Big Gears intervals, then an hour in the pool, drowning and gagging.

Karl and his Wah-Wah are predicting 7 hours for me in the IM/2. I’m predicting defib and an ambulance ride.


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