Some years back – more years than I care to think about right now – I was talking with my sponsor about buying a new treadmill.

I had worn out my last treadmill, and wanted to get a new one, but didn’t think I should spend the money, and he said “Well, it’s not like you use your treadmill to hang laundry on. You really use it.”

Here’s my treadmill right now, here in the Office of Ouch:


Now, to be fair, all of the laundry hanging on the treadmill is workout laundry; even the towel is the towel from my gym bag.

However, I haven’t used the treadmill much lately, because when I’ve been running on a ‘mill, it’s been down in the valley, right before swimming. That’s part and parcel of triathlon training, I suppose (editor’s note: I type “triathlon”, but I say – and hear others say “triath-a-lon”. I just checked – there are many uses of Triathalon, but none of them seem to be official – and the only visible first-Google-page definition using that spelling is in the Free Online Dictionary, so I reckon you get what you pay for) – I am training more hours but much less of that is running. Dagnabbit.

This is a short week – supposed to be 8 hours – after last week’s long week (turned out to be just over 14 hours, with a good bit of that at reasonable intensity) of which I already have 4.5 hours in the bag – 1 hour of running, 1.5 of swimming, and 2 hours on the bike. It looks like rain and snow this weekend, but I need more running and biking. Billy Bob seems willing to meet tomorrow to run in the cold and rain, so I reckon that that is, indeed, what I will do. That would be a great time to run on this treadmill, though : )

Yesterday I got roof racks installed on the Audi, and bike racks on top of that – two bike racks, with one for Ethel. Ethel is going to get a bike. She was only thinking about buying a bike, but then she told me to buy the extra bike rack, so now Ethel is by-jingo gonna be getting a bike. That bike rack cost more than any bicycle I ever bought (until, of course, the bike I’m on now, which cost as much as a two-week vacation in Costa Rica, not counting tips). I suspect that what I will do in the morning is mount my bike on the rack and take my cycling kit, and then run w/BillyBob in Liberty Park. If the weather is good, then I’ll ride afterwards, either in one of the parks or over in Emigration Canyon. If the weather is bad, then I’ll just bring the bike home and put it on the trainer.

Four weeks from tomorrow is The Big Silliness. I started training for this in mid October (although I had been doing very limited cycling and swimming before that; this seems to have been the impetus in my friend Ian’s asking me to do the *&^%$#@ triathlon) and as far as I can tell, I was in better shape in November than I am now. I suspect that, for me, running is what gets me in the best shape, and doing other things detract from that.

But I signed up for the Stupidathon, so I’m gonna see it through.

  1. Hello,
    I have a non-profit called CJ’s Thumbs zip Foundation and one of our familie’s has requested a used treadmill for their son. If possible, I would like to use the photograph of the clothes-strewn treadmill from your blog on our social media accounts in an effort to secure a donated piece of equipment. May we use it? Thanks you for your time.

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