Dumpster Donuts

When I tossed some trash into the dumpster at Liberty Park on Saturday, I saw that somebody must have gone on a sudden diet –


This was after a 90 minute run, and before an ill-advised bike ride up to (and over) Emigration Pass. Those donuts could have helped to fuel this silliness, but I figured that folks’d freak out if’n I reached into a dumpster and pulled out God’s Own Energy Food.

The 90 minute run – most of which was with BillyBob – was pleasant enough; the ride up Emigration Canyon, however, (btw – that last bit there was a link. In WordPress, links don’t show up very well, but if you want to see the maps and graphs for that ride, just click the “Emigration Canyon” phrase) was, although easy enough, very uncomfortable.

Now, it wasn’t riding uphill for an hour and fifteen minutes before getting a break that was “uncomfortable”. In fact, the climb went so well that, rather than turn around at the top, I dropped down into the Little Dell side and picked up another thousand feet of climb. The “uncomfortable” part started as I got near the top on the way back; the wind stiffened, and then it started snowing, and then it REALLY started snowing…

..then, at the top, I dropped down into a headwind, and the snow went crazy. As I came down Emigration, I had a brief respite from the wind during the big switchback at the top, but then I got eleven miles of headwind all the way back to Liberty Park. Now, a headwind on a downhill isn’t a bad thing – it’s not like you’re working hard or anything – unless, of course, that headwind is showing snow into your face and dropping the apparent temperature twenty or thirty degrees.

Then the snow turned into rain, which was worse than the snow – the snow was colder, but dryer.

Then, as I came out of the canyon, all of the windbreaks disappeared, and I got to experience the real wind – just as it starting hailing.

Strangely enough, as I got back to Liberty Park, to my car and comfort, the wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the sun came out.

But it was too late – I was already hypothermic. I managed to get the bike on top of the car, and drive up to the house, but thank goodness Ethel had a hot bath waiting for me; it took a while for the shivers to completely stop.

And I forgot to grab the donuts : )


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