It’s Already Too Late

Since Ethel got her new car, she’s taken to parking at angles, taking up two spaces.

The idea here is that then nobody park right beside her, and thus she’s less likely to get a ding or a scratch.

That is the sort of thing to which I do not react well; even though she does do this further out in the lots (rather than parking in close) it’s the simple presumption of “Yes, I have a fancy car, and so I get two parking spaces” that ties my tummy up in knots.

Of course, sometimes, it’s just a little too late to keep from getting the odd scratch or ding…

TooLateI see this guy parking his car like this, and I want to say “Hey Ethel! See? It doesn’t work!”

I took this pic last Thursday; this morning, as I drove in, he was parked just like this again, but strangely enough there was another white Alero that looked to be the same year and trim parked beside him (in the slot just past where you see him here – between him and the “2”) that seems to be in much better shape, but he only takes up one slot.

It’s strange -when I see cars parked like this – taking up two slots so that they won’t get scratched – then I want to scratch them. I have an atavistic impulse to scratch my key along the side of the car and leave a note that says “Hey, dude! You think you get to take up two parking spaces because you are so special and your car is so nice? Well, NANNER-NANNER-BOO-BOO!” Yep, that gremlin exists inside of me.

Obviously I have a problem with people believing that they deserve special treatment; inherent in that problem is the certainty that that means that I must have that very same belief in my own right to special privileges, and that I am ashamed of it. I can’t – right now, sitting here typing this – bring to consciousness exactly how this motive is poisoning my soul….nope, nothing comes to mind. But it’s there, and it had best be dug out before it causes me a collision with somebody else.

N.B. – I wrecked my Audi the other day; you can’t actually tell unless you look at the rear bumper very closely. We are not yet sure whether or not we are going to let Allstate pay for the other person’s car, or if we are going to pay for it out of pocket.

  1. Phil Graceffa said:


    I agree with you. When I see someone parked like that I have a number of reactions
    1) I assume the person is an a**hole (although I am trying not to label people that anymore as an a**hole serves a purpose).

    2) I wonder what other selfish, self absorbed, things this ninny does (clip toenails in public, leave their towels laying around the gym for the housekeeping staff to pick up, to name two) and

    3) I would like to see the car “damaged” in some way (scratched, tires flattened, etc.).

    I know such parking behavior is not illegal, but it does violate basic social norms. Fortunately for such folk, I have way too much respect for those basic social norms, that I just walk away seething and would never act on though #3.


    • I’ll bet that he sits on the high-usage machines at the gym between sets and checks his email : )

  2. chris said:

    maybe it’s his Mom’s car

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