My Other Car is a Fuji

Here was the scene in front of my house this morning :

mytwovehiclesI had to bring the bike to town to get the cables and linkages tightened up. I’ve put 1700 miles or so on this bike in the last few months, so things had gotten pretty stretched out.

Isn’t that a pretty sight? My two vehicles! (If you look in the background, you’ll see our other vehicle – the Santa Fe. It’s been there for a while now. I still don’t feel good about that). I’m very happy with the Audi – much happier than I thought I would ever be with whatever vehicle replaced the Beemer. And I have gotten very attached to my bike. Something well over a hundred hours in the saddle will do that, I suppose. You either grow to love the bike, or get rid of it : )

Speaking of time in the saddle, this week I passed 100,000 yards in the pool training for this thing – 101,150, actually, with another 3500 coming tomorrow. That’s 57.1818 miles of swimming. Never thought that I would swim that far; I’m not much faster now than when I started, and I still swim more than 30 strokes to a length, but I can go a lot longer : )

Still not running very well. This morning, I had a cardiac stress test; first they did about a half-hour of ultrasound on my heart, then they put me on a treadmill and shot it up to a steep incline and had me running most riki-tiki. There were no preliminary indications of any problem, which means that there’s nothing yet that they can fix. And if they can’t fix anything, then I can’t get faster. And if I can’t get faster, then I can’t get faster. And that’s an intolerable situation. But I’ll have to learn to tolerate it, won’t I?


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