Dehydrated Concussion

The plan for this morning was simple – 3500 yards (500 warmup, 5×500 w/paddles and buoy, 500 cooldown) and a two hour run.

It didn’t go that way.

First off, I went to this outdoor 50 meter pool rather than my normal indoor 25 yard. This immediately threw me into arithmetic confusion, but I decided that 3200 meters was close enough to 3500 yards for my purposes.

Since I hadn’t swum (other than freaking out for an hour in Sand Hollow Reservoir, squealing like a girl) in two weeks, I decided to weight things towards the warmup, and did 500 meters of that.

I decided (since HDH said “you need some wins in training) to do 500, 600, 700 and 800 meters instead of 5×500.

Then I put on the paddles and buoy, and starting swimming.

Since I was sharing an outside lane, I wasn’t over the black stripe. At the end of my first lap, I went WHAM into the end of the pool, smacking it with my head. I hit hard enough to stand up and stop my watch (years of running has that effect) and took a few minutes to, well, to say OW! When I started swimming again, I forgot to start my watch.

So at the end of the first 500 meter repeat, I saw that my watch said 600 meters total. The day was not going well. I started the watch and kept going.

There was no big poolside clock for me to look at while turning, so I found myself swimming rather more leisurely than usual. I was also taking the opportunity on this long pool to practice picking my head up and sighting at the start of each right-side breath. I even tried swimming a few lengths with my eyes closed while my head was in the water, to simulate a dark lake; this resulting in an extreme drift to my left, every time.

During my last 800 meter repeat, I was getting dizzy and losing any real interest in swimming. What Herr Doktor Hersey calls “negative self talk” set in, and I got discouraged. And I was getting dizzier, weaker and more confused the whole time.

As I finished up the last lap of the 800, there were people standing in my lane; a foursome, talking to their coach, and then they started swimming. I was so disoriented by this time that I couldn’t even ask why or what was going on; I just stood up, even though I had another 100 meters to swim to get to 3200, and wandered away, lost and weak and confused.

I hopped into the indoor 25 yard pool to see if I could finish up the workout, but after a lap realized that my watch was still counting 50 meters per length, and that wasn’t right, but I couldn’t even get smart enough to reset it. So I got out and headed in to the locker room, with a 3100 meter and 50 yard workout in the books (don’t see THAT very often).

Changed in the locker room, couldn’t think, couldn’t stand up very well….drank a Monster and took some Succeed. Still felt woozy and weak. Headed upstairs and got on a treadmill to start my run, but that wasn’t working, either – I couldn’t run. I tried to jog at 4.5 mph, but couldn’t even do that. After a third of a mile, I gave up and went downstairs.

I do not know if 3100 meters in an 82 F pool dehydrated me, or if the collision into the wall of the pool gave me a concussion, or both. I came home and passed out on the couch for an hour (this is after two total Monsters) and I’ve been awake for two hours now and still have no idea what happened. I haven’t been able to walk upstairs here and get on my treadmill; I still have a two hour run and a three hour bike ride to do this weekend, but it may have to all wait until tomorrow.


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