Back in 2005, I registered for the Spudman Olympic distance triathlon in Burley, ID.

I had a used Trek hybrid bike, and I swam very infrequently, but somebody at Fidelity had sold me on the idea of trying it (“It’s a downriver swim!”) so I signed up.

However, long before the event, I moved to Phoenix, and the whole thing went away.

But now I’ve swum some 180,000 yards in the last nine months, and I have a nice bike that I’ve ridden a few thousand miles, and I’m going to Burley this afternoon.

spudmanI don’t think that the logo has changed at all in the intervening years, except for the date and the color : )

I’m working from home today, while waiting on Fed-Ex to deliver my new Synergy Adrenaline wetsuit (my current wetsuit is about torn to bits) and every so often grabbing something and throwing it in the car. It’s a three hour drive to Burley, and we’re staying with Team Fast Lane at a house in Declo, about fourteen minutes away. Got to get to Burley tonight to set up T1 (the swim-to-bike transition) although I’ll set up T2 (bike-to-run) tomorrow morning; that’s much simpler, and it’s also very close to the start of the swim.

I am no longer on the hook to do the full at Ironman Lake Tahoe; I have paid my money and made the transfer to the half (which means that I paid money to lose a lot of money – the half cost less than half as much as the full, but there was no refund, and there was a change fee). The idea of doing the full woke me up many nights; losing sleep is not a good triathlon training strategy, and finally I just caved in. I still have notions of doing a full, possibly next year – ask me after – and if – I finish the Lake Tahoe half.

Earlier this week, my friend Dr Janet, the exercise physiology professor, pronounced me “overtrained”. So I haven’t done ANYTHING this week except swimming for forty minutes. That’s sort of a crazy taper; I have no idea what tomorrow will be like. For all I know, I won’t be able to move. Or who knows? Maybe I’ll be super-strong and fast and finish the race feeling great. We’ll see : )

There are many things in my life that are uncomfortable right now. But it would be nice to have a good race. That won’t straighten out my worries about my job or my kids or my health, but it would be nice : )

  1. Dave C said:

    Well done Jim. What I don’t understand from the results is how you were 10th, 16th and 15th in your age group in the individual components but just 20th for the combination. Did you have really slow transitions?

  2. An astute analysis – the transistions were at the bottom of the page : )

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