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Yesterday we ordered a Garmin Feenix 2 for Ethel’s triathatraining –

Feenix 2It’s a pretty cool gadget – not only does it do run, bike and swim modes, but there’s also a ski mode that tracks vertical, distance and number of runs (not that that’s necessary, since our local ski hill tracks that using our passes anyway, but maybe we’ll go skiing someplace that doesn’t have that). But, of course, the important thing is the triathalon modes.

She’s been using my old Garmin 405, but it wasn’t cutting it, so we just jumped on Amazon and got what she needed to get the job done.

Now here’s a funny thing – we are fairly careful with our money, except when it comes to triathlon expenditures. We’ll spend money on this silliness that we simply wouldn’t spend otherwise. For instance, we were talking this morning about a) getting a television for the bedroom (it’s college football season, which means that games will last longer than we will, so if we’re even going to attempt to finish the late games, we’ll have to do it in bed)  and we also kicked around b) going to San Diego in late October for the Oceanside triathlon.

For the TV, we discussed hitting Walmart and seeing if we could find something in an open box; for the trip to San Diego, we figured (loosely) a thousand bucks.

We’ve NEVER spent money like this. (editor’s note: I have friends, people of means, who spend more on a bike than I’ve spent on this entire effort. But that’s not what we’re talking about here – we’re talking about a guy who looks at two jars of peanut butter to figure out which one costs less per ounce, but  who will then just go online, do the research, and then walk up to the bike shop and say “That one.”).

The morning that Ethel decided that she wanted to do one of these silly things, we simply drove to the bike shop, found what made sense and fit her, and bought it. Today she’ll go by the running store and get some triathapants and running bras, and by the pool store and get a training suit (she’ll swim in tri pants and jersey, under her wetsuit, but she needs something tighter-fitting to train in). And I might wind up picking up a road bike to go with my tri bike, now that I don’t have a road bike.

That’s the total lack of proportion that baffles me, that seems to me completely senseless, even while I am indulging it. We spend more on this than we spend on skiing (editor’s note: that’s not counting the actual ski homes that we live in. I suppose that, by itself, may outdo the triathathing. But those generally appreciate : )

Wait – that’s not entirely true. There is one way in which this all makes sense….they say that people who are aerobically and anaerobically fit life longer, healthier lives.

And anything that gets me one more healthy, happy day with my beloved is cheap at the price.

And besides, she’s so CUTE! 🙂 She was on the treadmill this morning, and was supposed to run for a set period of time, but she went well past that because she wanted to get to a particular distance. Watching her direct her efforts like that – she’s sweating and huffing but still going– is so much fun. She decided to do something, and now she’s doing it. I think it’s WONDERFUL!

She said she wants to go down to the Mountain Dell area this weekend, and try to do the climb from the creek at the bottom to the road up above Little Dell on her bike. That’s not a trivial effort. She also wants to go over to East Canyon with her wetsuit and get in a little open-water swimming, since she saw what happened to me at St George.

She’s just cute as a collie pup. And so EARNEST.

And it’s time spent TOGETHER.

So never mind. It’s cheap at the price : )





Wow – it’s been over a month since I’ve posted:?…well, I’ve been busy, busy, busy!

I’d like to introduce you to my new bike, the Cannondale Slice-3 Ultegra tri bike:

slice3Now, if you happened to read this blog last November, you will have seen that I bought my first-ever GOOD bicycle after signing up for my first-ever triathlon. Well, things have gotten weird since then. Wierder than I could have imagined.

First off – SpudMan went well. I had a blast. But I tried to race again the next weekend, and it went terribly – so bad that I didn’t even bother to finish the run. As we drove home, I told Ethel that I was through; wasn’t going to be doing any more triathlons. It was Just One More Thing I Wasn’t Good At (TM).  Ethel was encouraging me to keep trying,though.

The next morning, Ethel said “Let’s go jogging”. Huh. She hasn’t run with me since Tucson (at least 17 years ago). I didn’t know what was up, but we jogged a couple of miles. Then she sat me down and said this:

“I’m afraid to say this, because once it is said, it can’t be unsaid….I have gone with you to several triathlons now, and I have noticed that there are many lardasses who are actually able to complete these things. And I can’t help but tell myself – if those lardasses can do a triathlon, well, why can’t I? So, I think I want to try one – just a sprint, of course….but that means that you can’t quit, because you have to do this with me.”

Well, how about that?!?  What do you say to that?
What I said was pretty simple – “Okay”. Then we immediately went online to find a late-season sprint for her to do – the Lake Powell Triathlon, in October. Then we found her a training schedule, “Couch to Sprint Triathlon”. Then we got into the car and drove to Performance Bikes in Salt Lake, where I had bought my Noble Steed, and we bought her a shiny new crimson Fuji Gran Fondo.

She started her training schedule the next week, and then she found a swim coach. She’s not missed a day of training yet – she’s into her fourth week. She’s just cute as a collie pup doing this thing, and I’m so proud of her that I could just burst.

But this left me obligated to continue my training, as well. Which is what I’ve been doing. Rode a hundred miles on Saturday.

However, since she has a new bike, we’ve been making a lot of trips back to the bike shop to get her completely outfitted. And the last few trips, I’ve noticed this really cool road bike, full carbon and digital electroni shifting, and Ethel’s been telling me that I could buy it, if I wanted to – but, of course, I HAD a bike, a nice one, and I wasn’t willing to make the move.

But on Sunday, I finally really thought about it, but decided that it didn’t make sense for me to have TWO bikes; however, while I was looking at the other road bike, a guy standing next to me heard me tell Ethel that, and he asked “So, would you be selling the other bike, then?” I allowed as to how, yes, if I bought a new bike, I’d be selling mine. He took my phone number, just in case.

I sort of decided that, if I did indeed sell my bike that easily, I would go get the new road bike. And a few hours later, this fellow drove up to my house, looked at the bike, and gave me cash.


NOW what? I don’t have a bicycle.

My coach and friends were adamant on one point – I should NOT get that fancy new road bike; I should get a triathlon/time-trial bike instead. They pretty much beat me about the head and shoulders on this. We passed some ideas back and forth, and coach wound up recommending the bike you see in the photo, above. I found some local bike shops that had this bike, and one of them was one that my friend Scott, the local tri coach, had recommended.

So the next morning, I called that bike shop, and they said “The Cannondale Slice-3 with Ultegra components? Yeah, we have that in that size – in fact, we’ve just marked it down four hundred bucks”.

Huh 🙂

We arranged for me to take the bike for a spin at lunchtime, and by the time I had left, I had bought the bike – with upgraded pedals, upgraded rear cassette (we have a lot of hills to climb in Park City, and there is that thing in Tahoe) and even a power meter, which everybody else tells me that I really, really need – all for less than I would have paid for that fancy road bike with the DI shifters.

Of course, right now I’m bikeless – they won’t have the Cannondale built out until Thursday morning – and so I’m doing trainer rides on Ethel’s bike, which feels very, very strange indeed 🙂

And I have to say that I actually miss my Noble Steed; those who know me well know that I can get animalistic about possessions, and it somehow feels like I may have hurt my bike’s feelings by selling it. Ethel even said, after the buyer left, that the bike was saying “But…but…but I’m supposed to be on top of the Audi!” …I allowed as to how the bike left in a Lexus, and she thought that may have eased its pain somewhat. But I still look over at the trainer and don’t see my bike, and it makes me a little sad.