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We need an FWD for the bedroom. I’m thinking this 50″ Visio will do just fine:


The problem, like most problems in the real world, involves college football; living in the Mountain time zone, we can pretty much watch college football on Saturdays from can ’till cain’t, and “cain’t” is defined as “when we fall asleep watching football”.

However, it’s much more difficult to fall asleep watching football on the couch than it is in bed, because the awareness that one will have to wake up and walk up the stairs to one’s bedroom is never far from one’s consciousness. So it’s better to have an FWD (Football Watching Device) in the bedroom, so that one can nod off to one’s heart’s content during that all-important Oregon State@Hawaii game that started at 10PM local.

However, the size and shape of our bedroom is not conducive to putting a reasonably-sized FWD anywhere near the bed, so we’re going to have to put one on a side wall, on an articulating mount such that it can be extended out into the room on football-watching days. And the framed walls in our condo use metal studs, not wood, so there are complications to putting a mount with that much moment-arm on the wall.

So now I’m waiting to hear from my installer, to insure that we can, indeed, use this TV (based on weight) before I order it; I suppose he’ll bring the mount and suchlike equipment. So we won’t have it on the wall in time for Saturday’s viewing – and, as it happens, OSU@Hawaii this year is this Saturday, at 8:30 local time, which would be fine in bed but not worth a hoot in the living room. So the Warriors and Beavers will have to do without our support, for one more year.


College Football Season is here.


It’s rather strange – after waiting all this time, I find I’m underwhelmed. Not that I’m not enjoying college football; it’s more that triathlon training is taking all of the time and energy, so even watching the games is anticlimactic.

With almost all of the games this weekend, I was purely an observer, with no emotional stake whatever. Usually I have a complex “rootology” worked out – who I’ll root for against whom, for what reasons, and how intensely. There are long and involved rules about this: they start with “Team, State, Conference” (Alabama, then Auburn, then the Western Division of the SEC, then the SEC as a whole) and go down a long and involved flow chart, ending with “…and root against Notre Dame, USC, Oregon, Ohio State, and Oklahoma State”.

But this weekend, none of that mattered; even the Alabama game didn’t generate much in the way of passion (not that it was necessary; that game was never in doubt) and the rest of the slate left me flat as fizzed coke. I generally do not watch football games leaning backwards; this weekend, I barely got vertical.

That’s a bad thing. And it probably feels worse right now, since I’m so tired. When I’m this tired, it seems like I’ve ALWAYS been this tired, that I’ve never felt better and I’ll never feel better. Things become sort of fuzzy; I find I don’t care as much. I don’t like it, and I don’t like not liking it.

Now, this is the first weekend, and we’ve played West Virginia, and we haven’t settled on a quarterback yet, and the next two weeks are cupcakes; three Saturdays from now, we play Florida, who shouldn’t be any threat, and that weekend I’ll be in Tahoe getting ready for the Big Race(tm), so I might not be worked up yet.

After that, who knows? Maybe when SEC play sets in, and this triathlon is over, it will feel like football season. I sure hope so.

(editor’s note: two paragraphs above, I almost typed “I’m supposed to be in Tahoe”. My training has worn me down; I’m in worse shape now than I was three, or six, or nine, months ago. I can swim farther, but that’s the only real improvement. And indications are that the water is going to be even colder than it was in St. George, when cold shock sent me into hyperventilation, so even though I’m “committed’ to completing Tahoe, I wake up at night worrying about it; sometimes I am dreaming about it and the anxiety wakes me up. My sponsor once said “when something stops being fun, then it stops being recreation”. We’ll see.)