To Whomever Took My Butter From The Break Room Fridge:

takenI sent this out in email to my coworkers in Salt Lake City this morning, when I arrived at the office and proceeded to make my oatmeal. I found out that my butter had disappeared.

Turns out that there were some interesting circumstances around the butter’s disappearance, and there was nothing (particularly) nefarious about the missing butter. But it gave me occasion to make a great gif.

Rule # 62 is “Don’t take yourself so seriously”. (the actual rule, in original quotation, say “ damned seriously…” but the addition of the profanity seems to make the statement more serious, which seems to me to be self-defeating). Sometimes I do that – in fact, you can tell when I’m taking things seriously, because I am unhappy. I am busy defending some stance or opinion that I’ve adopted.

It occurred to me as I was sending this out this morning that there might be somebody out there who would take this seriously – who would think that I was actually angry and adamant. (I didn’t really care about the butter; my intention was to let folks know that, when they see a brick of butter in the fridge, it’s not been left there by somebody who quit and went home). As it happens, there were a flurry of funny email responses and everybody seemed to enjoy the whole thing. That’s kind of the point – the farcical nature of making a missing stick of butter an issue of the same magnitude as Liam Neeson’s teenage daughter being kidnapped for the sex trafficking trade really shows how silly things can get. And I don’t mind if things get silly.

I want things to be silly. I don’t like heavy. “Heavy” means that there’s a weight on my chest and that my neck is tense. “Heavy” means that there is something in the world that is wrong – that God has messed up (again) and that I need to be serious about fixing it. Last week’s issue of losing the season ski lockers felt a bit heavy; it’s a problem that we can’t solve. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to weigh on me. I’m simply going to have to adjust to carrying stuff around. Can I do that laughing and smiling? If not, then I need to remember my stick of butter.



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