Locker Up

Well, we now have a season locker.


As you can tell, Ethel is all excited.

We do NOT have a locker at the Canyons; as noted some weeks back, the Canyons can make more money leasing the square footage to some business than they can renting it to us (the arithmetic is interesting – our locker by itself was probably 1.5 square feet; we might have taken up 10 square feet in total. We were paying $700/season, which was maybe five months, so that’s $140/month/10 – we were paying $14/month/square foot. That sounds like reasonable rent, but obviously they could make more elsewhere) so they stopped providing season lockers.

No, we’re not at the Canyons; now we’re at Park City, which is a longer drive for us – although, thanks to the acquisition of Park City Mountain Resort by the Vail Corporation, our Epic(tm) pass is now good at both areas. So we’re driving farther – however, having skied a total of eight years at the Canyons, we would probably want to spend more time this year at PCMR, and they won’t build the connecting lift until next summer, so this will allow us to ski Park City much easier than if we had a locker at the Canyons. So we’re pretty happy about it.

This locker is in the basement at the Legacy Lodge; straight up the stairs and around the corner is the Payday Lift, a six-pack express that services terrain that is also open at night – yes, Park City has night skiing. So maybe we’ll get a few more days on boards just because of that.

It’s also a few steps from the Baja Cantina. The first time I came to northern Utah, when I interviewed for a job within my organization at Sunquest, I arrived in town, went to my hotel to unpack and get things prepped (the Little America, in the tower – at the time, the nicest hotel room I’d ever seen in person) and then decided that I was going to have dinner in Park City, because food always tastes better at elevation 🙂

It was November, so it was dark early, and as I drove east out of town, I went into Parley’s Canyon, where I-80 goes straight up for seven miles, picking up about 2500 feet of elevation change rather quickly. There were no homes between Salt Lake City at the very top of the canyon, where I went over something called “Parley’s Summit”.

When I got to the summit, after driving straight up the canyon in the dark, I looked off to the right, and there I saw all of these lights on the mountain – homes in Summit Park, lights white and yellow against a backdrop of November snow, the dark of tall pines and the silvery dark of aspen. It was beautiful.

I thought “wow. There’s the place to live – at the top of the mountain, a straight shot down the freeway to Salt Lake, and deep in snow in late November”.  I then drove on into Park City proper, drove to the ski hill, and had dinner at the Baja Cantina. I suspect, now that we’re skiing there, we’ll be eating there a bit more often, although the heart of my stomach really belongs to El Chubasco, a mile or two away.

As it happens, it took me three more years to actually move there, to Summit Park and Parley’s Summit, and when I did, I stayed there seven years – and when I left, I regretted it immediately and constantly for eight years.

But I’m back now, and I hope I never forget again how wonderful it is to be here. I live in Park City, Utah. Let me pause for a moment of awe and reverence and say that again – I live in Park City, Utah. Wow. A po’ boy from Flat Red Clay, Alabama, and I live in Park City, Utah.

AGAIN. Most people never get to live here at all, but I’ve been allowed to recover from my mistake and get a second chance to live in Park CIty, Utah!

Someday, maybe, we’ll be old poops, and we’ll have more money and more time, so then we’ll move to Deer Valley and ski the groomers away from the snowboarders that infest the rest of the Wasatch Back like a plague of locusts (with pants that don’t fit). But we’ll still be in Park City, Utah. And I hope that we have a season locker 🙂

  1. Chris said:

    I love stories with a happy ending

  2. Scott Abraham said:

    Mazel Tov, old friend. Though I would have lived without the locker. Snowboarders are a lot worse at PC than Canyons.

    • Well, now, I wish I had known that, it might have made a difference – although the locker is important. It makes it much easier to ski for 2 hours – increases the ROI.

  3. I wouldn’t call it an ending yet – although I am 55 years old, so Any Minute Now… 🙂

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