Winter in Park City

…albeit it EARLY winter – first real snowfall. We had a few inches last weekend that managed to stay on the ground until this came along; I expect that we’ve seen the last of the ground until April, at least.

morningsnowAt our old house, farther up the hill, we used to get snow up to the rooftop and above – you could usually walk onto the roof from the backyard by mid January. I would have thought that, down here where there is less sunlight, the snow would pile up higher, but it seems that the southwest aspect of this condo building reflects what sun does get here and focuses it onto the ground, keeping the snow depth down. And that’s a bad thing, unless you are Lucy and use the bathroom outside.

So we keep a shovel on the porch to clear out a poop corral for Lucy; we need another shovel for the garage. Even though the parking lot gets plowed for us, there is still a pile of snow that gets left right against the garage door – they can’t plow that – so we have to clear that away before we can pull the cars out.

This last weekend was opening day at Park City Mountain Resort, and we missed it. I was too sick and Ethel was too tired (I suppose she didn’t really want to ski PCMR for her first time without me, as well). I’ve still got stuff in my lungs and sinuses, but my cold seems to be gone. I still haven’t left the house, but I am going to the dentist this morning – and I am thinking about going to a meeting. For the fourth time in thirty years, I’ve gone a week – over a week, now – without a meeting. Three times it’s been because I’ve been too sick, and once it was because I was working full time and nursing Ethel after her collarbone surgery, at 9000 feet in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado in January, when travel was not easy.

I’m considering going to my 11:00 dental cleaning and then driving from there on into to PC for a noon meeting. That’s a small room and I’d be exposed to anybody sick, but…dadgummit. At some point, I’m going to have to go out into the world. I’m rather nervous about going out there when my system is as run down as it is right now – I had shingles, then that terrible cold, and now something in my sinus and something in my lungs. But I can probably function well enough to walk up the hill to the meeting.

We’re supposed to go to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. That’ll be the first time we’ve ever done that – gone to eat turkey somewhere else besides with the extended family. But we don’t have any extended family here, and we aren’t likely to have one unless Ethel starts gestating. So we might as well get used to that, too.

  1. Dave C said:

    You started going to meetings when you were in your teens? How else did it get to be 40 years?

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