An Embarrassment of Riches

This is what it looked like in our bedroom last Wednesday afternoon.


That’s my Slice, Ethel’s Gran Fondo, and my fell-off-the-car Slice, which is now pressed into service on the trainer. Thirteen months ago today, I bought my first bike (i.e. “for a triathlon”). Now I’ve sold one, and still have this mess hanging around the house.

We have my CycleOps Fluid2 trainer, and Ethel’s Wahoo Kickr should be in any time now. We’ve moved everything up to the third floor, and it seems to be working very well – there’s more room, it’s a better use of the space as my office seems to be just the right size to have the guest bed without wasting a bunch of space, and it gives a nice view of the Summit Park hilltops from the treadmill or the trainers. This also puts workout noise (including movies) a floor above the bedroom, which is good for whoever it is that’s laying in bed all day being a slacker while the other one is working out.

Speaking of working out , I’m back in the office now, after 2.5 weeks at home. And I’m glad to be back here. Heck, I’m glad to be sitting up. That cold was terrible, and – in spite of every precaution, in spite of spending the time in bed, resting, plenty of fluids, running the vaporizer, taking the pills and the Vitamin C and everything else – it turned into a lung and sinus infection that required antibiotics. And wiped me out completely.

So I started mild stuff last week, and I’m still keeping it pretty mild. Today was 2000 yards in the pool, easy pleasey lemon-squeezy; tomorrow will be a bit more ambitious as I should attempt to bike and then run. That’s the current intention; things may change, as I started sneezing again today. Will this hellish illness never end?



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