Okay, Workday is a great company. Anybody who knows me knows what I think of this company – how far they can go, how much they have going on, how well they treat their employees.

But not even I expected Workday to supply their people with company-colored and logo-ed M&Ms.

WDMMToday is an interesting day – my first day on the new floor. They’ve moved the Salt Lake office from the seventh floor of this building to the second, and the second is much, much larger. We’re largely empty, but not for long, of course, as we’re hiring as fast as we can. I think we slowed down a bit after we started stacking in folks on the seventh floor like cordwood, but I’m sure that things will be picking up again now that we’ve got these echoes reverbrating through the building.

But right now we have fields – vast fields of empty cubicles – where Customer Sales folks will not be borne, but will be grown. (Reference? Anyone?…Bueller? Bueller?) I’ve had to spend a good bit of time today getting my laptop reconfigured to talk to my three 20″ monitors, plus setting out all of the Island of Misfit Toys action figures on the window sill. Some things you just can’t work without.

The new break room is huge, and has room for the pool table and the ping pong table. We also have about 46 conference rooms, and we have a good-sized one for lunchtime yoga. (are you wanting to come to work at Workday yet? I thought that you would : ) In some of the conference rooms, we have the new 90 inch Sharp Aquos screens, for watching bowl games at lunchtime teleconferencing.

The new digs are pretty nice, and the best thing about ’em are the custom-colored M&Ms with the Workday logo. You can’t really have a productive day without those.

  1. Chris said:

    Sounds like a nice place! I’d never get anything done with all of that fun stuff going on.

  2. Chris said:

    Unfortunately, except for a bit of XSLT, I don’t know any of that stuff.

  3. Nobody knows anything about our tech, Yipyap. Everybody comes in as an idiot. They told me it would be six months before I felt productive – it’s been over a year, and I”m still the dumbest guy in the room.

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