Why Don’t They Fix His Eyes?

Now, it’s been a good while since I read the Harry Potter books, but there are so many questions that watching the movies are bringing up.

For instance, why does he still wear glasses?


We’re currently halfway through Order of the Phoenix, which is, as my friend Paul said, very difficult to watch. It’s sort of like Season Six of Buffy, right down to the half-comical (but irritating) aspect of the villains involved. (no, I’m not talking about Voldemort. Cornelius Fudge comes to mind. And Dolores Umbridge is comically fat and insipid, although I admit I’d rather shoot her with a large piece of artillery than laugh at her).

At any rate, there are many questions which, at this point, are very perplexing:

  • Madame Pomfrey can fix a broken arm overnight, so why can’t she straighten out Harry’s myopia?
  • Why did Dumbledore ever hire Gilderoy Lockhart?
  • Why didn’t they press to have Sirius cleared of all charges?
  • Why don’t they just use the Time Turner to solve every and all problems?
  • Who was supervising the rest of the students from Bauxbatons and Durmstrang? Their school heads were at Hogwarts for the entire school year.
  • Come to think of it – where are the other UK wizarding schools? You can tell from the crowd at the Ministry that there’s no way all of those folks went through Hogwarts. When there’s all the talk about closing Hogwarts, there’s never any mention of transferring.
  • Given the relative point structure, why does anybody in the game of Quidditch do anything except chase the Snitch?
  • Why haven’t they had a pogrom and killed everybody in House Slytherin, root and branch?
  • Speaking of which – how does Voldemort manage to get so much done with such idiotic minions? If the kids are any reflection, Crabbe and Goyle as top-level henchman doesn’t speak well for Voldemort’s recruiting and interviewing skills.
  • Why do the other houses let Dumbledore get away with those ridiculous impromptu points awards that result in Gryffendore winning the House Cup?
  • What happened to Voldemort’s nose?
  • I know that the Dursleys are the epitome of dumb, but how is it possible that they would still be willing to torment Harry, years after learning that he could turn them all into warthogs? Wouldn’t they become at least a little circumspect?
  • Why is Fawkes the Phoenix never in Dumbledore’s office after Chamber of Secrets?
  • You mean that the only supply of mandrake root in the *entire wizarding world* was the immature crop at Hogwarts? They had a ward full of petrified folks, but they couldn’t send out to the pharmacy for some mandrake – they had to wait until the next spring?
  • And, lastly – what did Harry see in the Mirror of Erised after he went through puberty?

One thing has been bothering me a bit, though, outside of the fictional world of the Potter series, and that is this – that these child actors were under constant supervision, and yet, nobody bothered to say to the kid playing Dudley Dursley, “We need to get you to counseling and a nutritionist”. They let that kid blow up that big without even trying to help him, just because it fit the casting for the part?


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