Not Going Well

My training isn’t going well.

Here’s the dreadmill that I’ve been using for my recent spate of 4.5 mile intense run workouts. Note the bottle of electrolyte replacement (Squincher in a Gatorade bottle), the can of Monster, and the new ultralight shoes for repeats.


Some weeks back, I started doing these workouts because Herr Doktor wanted me to do some “short intensity”. Well, I’ve been doing ’em, and they’re short and intense.

This is a Tuesday/Thursday thing. I precede the dreadmill work with a moderate hour on the bike trainer, and I follow it with some mild core work. Noon on Tue/Thu is yoga.

MWF I’ve been swimming. Now it seems everybody in my support system (read: folks on Facebook) all think that I should be swimming hard, as well. I’ve been doing 2000-2500 yard single sets for several months. The only thing I really care about in swimming is swimming out into Sand Hollow Reservoir and back on May 2nd. I don’t have any time to work on open water swimming, because it’s winter until the race. So I’ve been doing long slow sets; one of the things that I noticed a year ago was that it took me a long time to warm up to the point that I felt comfortable in the water, and an open water swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir does not give one a long time to get comfortable in the water. So I’ve reached a type of conditioning where that warmup is no longer necessary; I can just start swimming and swim with no breaks at all. That gives me some sense of confidence.

But everybody who knows anything about swimming is telling me that I’m doing it wrong. Well, I can’t do intensity on Tue/Thur and turn around and do intensity on MWF. I’m 56 years old. I’m surprised I can do anything more intense than a bowel movement. So the heck with it. I’m giving up.

Spudman is in July, and Ethel’s doing that, and it’s a downriver swim. So the heck with it. I’m just gonna redirect my efforts towards Spudman.

There. That feels better.


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