Breakfast (and Lunch) of Champions

I’ve been in Pleasanton all week, for a class.

Workday has a great snack program, so I’ve been saving time on my meals – most every breakfast and lunch has been the same thing:


Mixed nuts, jerky, and string cheese.

Workday has both beef and turkey jerky, and there’s also mild and medium cheddar cheeses in the same sort of packaging, so really I’ve just been dizzy with the variety. And it’s hard to get “lower carb” than this.

Since Workday’s paying for my meals anyway (expense account) I figure I’m saving them money – this has got to be cheaper than Pleasanton restaurants – and saving time, as well, so that I can spend more time doing what I’m supposed to be doing here, which is this class. And that leaves me more time before and after for training and meetings, which is pretty much all that there is for me to do in Pleasanton, since this is an Ethel Free Zone.

Somebody said last night “Why don’t you go to a movie?” The answer is simple – there are a lot of movies that Ethel would want to go see without me (pretty much any romantic comedy that doesn’t have action/adventure or science fiction overtones, for example) but the only movies that I would like to see without Ethel would be movies in which demons play a role – and “demons” here mean “demons in the Catholic Church sense”, not “demons in the Whedonverse”.

I’m no demon-movie aficionado, but there are the odd ones – “Constantine” comes to mind, and Denzel is great in “Fallen”. But those are movies that I found by accident – I’m not about to go to the theater on the off chance that something on the marquee might be one of those rare ones. So I’m not going to the movies while I’m here.

And that’s really about all there is to do, besides go to meetings and train. There’s no real “sightseeing”, as I’m in the East Bay, far away from San Francisco – most of what there is to see in the rest of the Bay Area is traffic. Everything looks the same – stucco homes and strip malls between beautiful golden hills with green patches of short trees. Several hours east of here are the Sierras, but I’m not driving way over there to see mountains from a distance.

I can only train so much, as well, so I’ve been making a lot of meetings. And going to restaurants at night, after meeting — which, by the way, is a bit disappointing; as it turns out, the East Bay doesn’t have any Mexican food. Everything tastes like it came out of a can.

Mostly, though, it’s all various subtle changes on Asian food. And I’m just not that hip on different ways to eat noodles.

Now, mixed nuts and jerky, though – I’m diggin’ on that…

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  1. Chris - W0EP said:

    I’ve been doing some traveling to the HQ in Colorado recently with more laid out for the summer. I wish you could describe what it is you are doing. But if it has taken you years to catch on, the explanation must not be simple!

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