Yes, No, Bozeman, No, Yes, No, Bozeman

We are moving to Bozeman, Montana.

This is the current picture of the current home for which we currently are under current contract, at 12 Red Rock Court:

RedRockI have all of those “currents” in the current wording of the current post because the situation is currently fluid – you know, fluid. Like a current.

For those of you playing along at home, here’s a timeline:

  •  We left Park City for Arizona, where we stayed for eight years. All that time, Ethel worked for WGU remotely.
  • When we moved back to Utah, we went back to Summit Park, where we’d lived before; although we had a small dog, we bought a condo, since Ethel worked remotely; there was no reason to assume that she couldn’t stay home and take care of the dog.
  • After a couple of months, Ethel’s superiors wanted her in the office.
  • For almost two years, she’s been commuting – while trying to take care of a small dog (who couldn’t be left alone very long). This caused some timing issues.
  • Then a year ago she started triathlon, which absorbed all of her free time, plus 50%. And the dog ran into health troubles, which required more care.
  • This winter, since I had already done the research to determine The Best Place For Us To Live, Ethel and I made a couple of trips to Bozeman, and decided to move there – that way, she’d be remote again, and wouldn’t be commuting, and everything would make sense.
  • Ethel’s superiors said no, you can’t go remote again.
  • I pouted.
  • We made arrangments to move to the Valley, to solve these problems as best we could.
  • Put our house on the market.
  • It sold in a few days.
  • Put an offer on a great condo in Taylorsville.
  • Put a lot of our stuff in a PODS.
  • The sale of our house fell through – buyer couldn’t get qualified.
  • We had to retract the offer on the Taylorsville condo.
  • Put our house back on the market.
  • It sold in a few days.
  • Put an offer on a great condo in Taylorsville – the same model as the previous one, next door.
  • Put most of the rest of our stuff in a PODS.

Then, a week ago Friday, the appraisal for the second condo came in tens of thousands of dollars below the same unit, next door, so we couldn’t buy it. Ethel got mad and said “That’s it, I quit. I’m moving to Bozeman”. Her superiors said “Don’t quit – just move to Bozeman”.

She called me up and said “What are you doing after the race tomorrow?” (I had an Olympic distance race scheduled last Saturday – Ethel was supposed to do the sprint, but she’s injured). I said “Probably taking a nap, why?”

“Can you take a nap in the car?”

“So we can go to Bozeman and find a place to live.”

“I’m not racing tomorrow. Come home now and we’ll drive to Bozeman tonight”.

We went up there and eliminated everything else and I was a mite discouraged until we found 12 Red Rock, seen above. We have every intention of closing the deal on that home, but after the last couple of months, I’m feeling a mite skittish when it comes to saying what I actually think might actually happen.

But whether we wind up buying this place or not, we’re finishing packing this week, and we’re heading for Bozeman this weekend. We’ve got a place to stay until the purchase goes through.

So we’re going to Bozeman 🙂

  1. Chris - W0EP said:

    I like it!

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