Long Supply Lines

Here we are, in a nice condo on Baxter Drive in Bozeman, MT, living here just like real people.

The bikes are happy, up on trainers out in the jumbo single-car garage:


Most of the stuff is in storage in two PODS and two vaults in Salt Lake (query – since PODS actually is an acronym for Portable On Demand Storage, should the plural be PODSes ?) while everything that isn’t was somehow shoved into our two cars and came with us to this condo.

Tomorrow, though, we’re actually leaving the condo for a few days (it was already rented out for this weekend before our realtor friend offered it to us as temporary housing until we close on 12 Red Rock, so we knew about this heading in) so we’ll be taking most of our stuff and putting it in this garage with the bikes, and taking some of the stuff with us to stay in a hotel for those three days.

But, of course, we can’t stay in a hotel room for three days – we’ll be getting stuff done for the house sale, and no doubt touring southwestern Montana over the weekend, at which time we’ll take some of the stuff out of the hotel room into our gym bags and hit the road.

So most of our stuff will be in storage in Utah, with most of the remainder in storage in the garage, with most of the remainder of THAT in the hotel, with the rest of it with us in the car – the supply lines are getting rather strung out, indeed.

….I’m getting pretty strung out, as well. My training has been slipping ever since we started packing for real; I’ve been stressed enough that I don’t think that I’ve been recovering from what training I have done (I’m not even sure that I’m recovering from the stress itself) so I’m not in good shape.

Today I decided to quit triathlon and go back to just running recreationally. Ethel said “Can I have your bike?” (She’s very loving and supportive that way).

Today work has gone badly, indeed – I made a booboo.

The condo sale in PC closed today, which is good news – and, given the fact that I made a booboo today, could be very good news. It means that I have enough money in cash to rent a nice place for a very, very long while. And, given the booboo, maybe I won’t be buying the place on Red Rock.

I’ve reached the point where I can do some things at my job very quickly, efficiently and effectively, but the tech is still so new and the processes still so much in flux – and there is so much to learn – that sometimes I feel completely out of my depth, and I just want to hide.

And I could hide quite comfortably here in a little condo on Baxter Drive in Bozeman for quite a long time, indeed – especially if I don’t have to leave for the odd weekend 🙂


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