Good Job!

We were just at Home Depot a few minutes ago, moving along the order for our blinds for the new house. And I saw rows of appliances, including refrigerators – some at the front that were in the mid-$3000 range, then less expensive, and less – and finally, these guys, on the back row, facing the back of the store:


I sorta felt sorry for these refrigerators; they were the smallest, and the least expensive, without the fancy features or ice-in-the-door or any of that stuff. The last row refrigerators.

I found myself giving them all a thumbs-up and telling them “Good job!” like Hancock talking to the SWAT Team.

I wanted to let them know that maybe they weren’t as fancy and expensive as the other guys, but they were darn serviceable and functional refrigerators, and that they did what refrigerators are supposed to do – keep food cold. I sorta gave them a little pep talk, and I like to think that, after I left, maybe they stood just a little bit taller.

I know how it feels to be on the last row, with the smallest price tag. I know how it feels to think that nobody wants you, that you’re barely functional, that folks will gladly pass over you on the way to something better. And I didn’t want these refrigerators to feel that way.

I’m sure that this has nothing to do with the fact that, today, I can’t get my boss’ or team leader’s attention at all; I finished up some projects this morning, and these folks seem to be too busy to give me the next project. Maybe they don’t care whether I’m doing anything or not. Maybe they’d rather I not do anything, so that I won’t mess anything up.

Completely unrelated.

Good job, refrigerators! You guys hang in there – somebody need you; exactly you, and no other refrigerator will do!

  1. Peg S said:

    I have one of those fridges downstairs…. it fits. I will pass on the encouragement!

    (No crazier than the hugs I give my soon to be 30 year old central AC). 😀

    Hope the next project comes soon.

    • Funny how the brain works – the first time I read that, I thought you were saying “I will pass on giving them encouragement”:)

  2. Peg S said:

    My sentence structure is better when I don’t stay up late. 🙂

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