We Didn’t Buy This House Last Friday

Last Thursday, I pointed out that the appraisal was due on 12 Red Rock, and that appraisals had already cost us one house purchase this summer.

On Friday, we didn’t buy this house:

monidaThis is not 12 Red Rock – this is on Monida, and we didn’t buy it.

“Lemme ‘splain – no, is too much. Lemme sum up.” – The appraisal came in low. So we were on the hook for the difference, in cash. So we freaked out, ran in circles, screamed, shouted, and generally raised a hubbub, and then went out looking for The Next House.

Nothing suggested itself except for the above home, which – while being more expensive – probably suited us even better. I found it while Ethel had Lucy at the vet (a “meet and greet” – sheeesh) and she wouldn’t answer her phone, because she was talking about important stuff, like Lucy’s bowel movements.

When I finally reached her, she came to meet me at the house, and then we met the realtor, and then we couldn’t get the offer in because our realtor was out of pocket. By the time we finally got the offer in – that night – the house was sold; the builder had accepted a verbal offer in the meantime.

I’m just a mite tired of all this.

As it turned out, we split the difference with the seller, so we wound up buying the house for slightly less while paying slightly more out of pocket. And we are closing in two days; Ethel has pulled the trigger on many purchases and contracts and whatnot. We’ve bought another TV for the training room, a mini-fridge for the loft, we’ve arranged for power and water and gas and such, we have a furniture delivery for the locally-bought dining room (table is locally made; the chairs are Pennsylvania Amish bent hickory), barstools and my morning chair (Amish bent hickory, again) on Friday, our stuff will be here from Utah on Tuesday, and the AV will be set up on Wednesday.

(We have a new bedroom, locally built, but it won’t be here for another six weeks or so. They build slow here in Bozeman).

Don’t know yet where the pool table will come from. But at least we know where it’s going – up on the loft. When there is enough 4K content to justify buying a 4K football watching device, we’ll get one and move the 70 inch Aquos up there. Until then, we’ll have to play pool without watching the game.

I also have to buy a lawn mower and shovels and rakes and implements of destruction; I’m worn out just thinking about it.

Now, I haven’t mentioned in all of this bruhaha the fact that, after we close, we have to paint the whole dang house ourselves; not only were painting contractors outrageously expensive, but also none of them could actually start anywhere near any conceivable time frame in which we might be interested. So we’re going to be painting the house between the closing and the furniture arriving on Tuesday. (Pray for us now and in the hour of our death – amen).

Two years ago today, Ethel and I drove from Arizona into Utah to begin our new lives. I am trying to imagine what I might have said to somebody had they told me that, exactly two years later, I’d be living in Montana, waiting to close on a new house, I would have assumed that you were talking to somebody else. The last 2.5 years have been insane. I have heartburn just thinking about it.

Ethel keeps saying “we’re almost there” – and, from a calendar perspective, I suppose she’s correct.

But, from a sweat and dollar perspective, we’ve got a long, long way to go.

But at least we know which house we’re moving into.

  1. runabq said:

    Apparently Pennsylvania Amish don’t build anything with *straight* hickory, right?

  2. I’m sure that they do. But this nice rustic stuff is all bent hickory with the bark still attached. Weighs a *lot* – hickory must be a very heavy wood.

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