Monthly Archives: November 2015

…and by “everybody” I mean, well, a friend of mine has asked about it.

But he has asked *twice*, so I suppose I could say that I’m posting this “by popular demand”.

pool table

It’s been over a hundred days since I last posted to this blog. I reckon I just got tired of hearing myself talk; I don’t really have anything to *say*.

My life has been going along very quickly for the last three and a half months; so very much has happened. Since this is a diary, I should, by rights, have been yammering my head off in these pages. But I have been enjoying, I suppose, a bit of withdrawal; my natural inclinations are introversional (my spellchecker doesn’t like that neologism, but I do, so there. Just be glad I’m not pluralizing “inclinations” with an apostrophe) – although I’m verbose, I’m best being verbose in small groups.

I could do a single BLOGBELCH, upchucking everything that’s happened since we moved in on August 13th, or I could meter it out bit by bit. I think I’ll go with the (b), since that leaves me the option of bailing anytime I feel like it.

So, the pool table – this is our loft, also known as the Bama Balcony. You’ll note the crimson walls and FatHeads; there’s also a full complement of Bama Memorabilia on the shelves and walls. Several times a day, Ethel and I will adjourn out here so that she can beat me at 8 Ball.

The loser racks; I’ve gotten very, very good at racking.

The Bama Balcony is also the Bama Break Room – in addition to the pool table, we have a K-Cup and the mini-fridge, with about 60 Diet Dr Peppers and 10 or so Diet Cokes (based on the relative intakes of the respective target demographics in House Puckett).


Ethel and I have been full remote for months at a time in Purgatory, so we’re used to working like this, but I have to admit that our current setup is the sweetest, by far. Our offices are about ten yards apart; we have 65+ Mbps to share between us, and we have Pandora playing through Sonos into most of the rooms in the house (except for the two offices themselves, but, of course, in those rooms, we have our computers, so we have Pandora there, as well).

I’m only missing two things from Workday SLC – my co-workers, and the Snack Program. The K-Cup maker and mini-fridge are well stocked, but be darned if’n I don’t miss the 1 oz bags of Jack Links. But I don’t have to DRIVE to this office, so I’ll call it a win.