My Mon-Wed View

Here’s my view for 90 minutes on Monday and Wednesday – from my bike, on the Wahoo Kickr* trainer, in our home gym:


Directly in front, you can see the aero bars of my bike, with the shifters on the end; below that is the (closed) laptop; it’s running the Trainer Road software, that you can see on the 42″ screen. This is a custom workout that I built, called “90 Easy Pieces” – it’s 90 minutes, with the middle 70 between 60-70% of FTP. It’s just an aerobic workout; I’d just come from the gym, where I’d done 90 minutes on the elliptical. I’m currently just trying to get aerobically fit again.

(Well, that’s not ALL I’m doing – I’m trying to do that while skiing every day, as well – currently, we’re working half days, and skiing half days. I’m trying to maintain my 10 hours of tri training while doing that for two weeks; if I can do that, then I figure all of the kingdoms of Earth will be mine).

On the 55″, we have an episode from Season 4 of “Angel”, named “Soulless” – right here, Connor is being petulant, while Cordy is being demurely provocative. It’s called “Soulless” because, once again, Angel lost his soul and became Angelus (although it was on purpose this time). Nothing new to see here…move along.

Just to the left, you can see the middle gear table, with the rolled up towels. In front of that is most of the electronics, and to the left of that, you’ll see Ethel’s 42″, where her Trainer Road shows up when she’s on the bike. It’s a pretty sweet setup.


*Yes, that’s the way that you spell “Kickr”. Somebody in Wahoo’s marketing department got a big bonus for leaving out the “e”. But, then, somebody in the marketing department probably got a bonus before that, for naming the company “Wahoo”. I’m in the wrong career.


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