A Rough Weekend

I’m back at work after a rough weekend.


(Yes, that’s another picture of Lone Peak. I took this one from the restaurant at the junction where we were having breakfast the other day before skiing. I still laugh when I look at that mountain.)

What made the weekend so rough was the two weeks that went before it – working half days, skiing (most) of those afternoons, skiing all day on the weekends, trying to keep my triathlon training volume up to 10 hours per week, lots of college football, and (of course) meetings and working with others and church.

As has been previously noted – one of the issues about skiing here is that a ski day takes about two hours longer than at other places, because of the drive. So that doesn’t make things easier.

When I’m tired, then…then I’m tired. And when I’m troubled as well, I get more troubled because I’m tired. (“tired” makes me more of EVERYTHING negative, generally).  And I’ve really been stressed about the extra driving – I mean, in addition to stressed by the extra driving.

But there’s nothing to be done about it. Ethel won’t move. So my options are to endure the drive to Big Sky, or get a pass at Bridger and schlep my stuff through the mud at the base for five or six years (while waiting to get a locker) to stand in lift lines (Bridger is much more crowded than Big Sky). Or not ski at all.

(This is what I get for not doing my due diligence).

So, now I’m going through the stages of acceptance – I’m past the denial (“It can’t really take an hour and twenty minutes to drive 45 miles on the highway. It simply is not possible.”) and cycling through anger (“If I had a high-powered rifle that I could load and shoot, safely, while driving…”), bargaining (“Maybe we could put up signs that say ‘Montana State Law requires that slower drivers use the turnouts or be hung outside the county jail’?”) and depression (“I might as well just stop breathing”).

I have to admit – there’s a lot of irony here. For instance – I skied more while my primary residence was in Arizona than I did when I moved back to Utah – and now that I’m in this mess, I’ll ski even less here than I did in Utah.

Also – here’s a weird one – I now have worse traffic problems on a Montana highway than I had in Phoenix or Salt Lake during freeway construction. It didn’t matter what time I drove to work, the traffic always went faster than 35 MPH.

But that’s the way it is.

1 comment
  1. Chris - W0EP said:

    If you would listen to me you wouldn’t have these problems.

    You would have problems, but they wouldn’t be these problems.
    They would probably be a lot more like my problems.

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