Off The Chain

Things have gone fairly crazy here at Chez Dogpoop.

Last thing first – last night, Abby got loose in the closet. I don’t know how she did that – I had it pulled to – and I don’t know how to stop her from doing it, as this is a pocket door that doesn’t clasp shut; just pushes against the door jamb. But she got into the closet, and pooped in my shoes.


This is the closet after Ethel spent a half hour on it. Looks like there’ll be more work to do after the carpet dries.

(Editor’s note: if you’re wondering why Ethel was cleaning the carpet, it’s because…I don’t do well with poop. But I’m fixing the meals today – breakfast was a spinach, mushroom, onion, bacon and cheese fritata with a fruit cup (strawberries, blueberries and heavy cream). I’ll trade cooking for poop cleanup any day.)

But this is just the latest punctuation  mark in the long, run-on sentence of our lives over the last six weeks or so. Our triathlon training is now in full swing; I’m doing 12/16/18 hour week cycles, and Ethel had her biggest training week ever two weeks ago. In addition, we’ve had a lot of service commitments, and business travel – me to Pleasanton two weeks ago, Ethel next week to SLC.

Then there’s spring – which means yardwork and garage cleaning, and changing out snow tires, and – oh, yeah, your old summer tires are too bald to put back on. You need to buy new ones, Mr. Puckett. You too, Mrs. Puckett.

And then there’s this business of a new puppy in the house.

How did we get so busy? How is it that, as we get older, we wind up doing more? We have tighter schedules as empty nesters than we did when we had a toddler.

(At times like these, I look forward to retirement. But I have a strong suspicion that retirement will just be a different kind of busy. But I must admit to this fantasy of laying in the hammock in the breeze, and then waking up to go inside for an afternoon nap.)

In two months, we will be on Cozumel for three weeks. Now, that sounds restful and relaxing – until I remember that our A-races are in August – I’ve got the Coeur D’Alene full mumble-mumble on the 21st, and Ethel has the Vikingman half-Ironman in Burley, ID on the 27th.  So those three July weeks in the Caribbean really translate into heavy-volume training – in the heat and humidity. (We really need smarter hobbies).

When does it stop?


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