Swim, Bike…..Walk?

Here’s what Coach Erin posted for this morning’s coached swim:

Today Swim

(editor’s note: this is not the workout that I did, for several reasons:
1 – I did 600 yards before I started
2 – I did the main set (the 3x[box] twice, and
3 – This is a 20 yard pool, not a 25 yard – but Coach Erin is an old-school swimmer, and just can’t seem to express herself in anything but 25 yard lengths/50 yard laps. So her 25s are actually 20s, her 50s are actually 40s, etc)

I’m doing a lot of swimming these days – last week was almost 13,000 yards. I’m doing a lot of biking these days – last week was about 180 miles.

The astute reader will notice that I did not completing the previuos paragraph with a summation of a third activity. There was one that was conspicuously absent. The fact that I’m not running (much at all) is why I’m swimming and biking so much.

I’m injured.

My calf is owie – when I try to run, it says “owie. Owie.” It says owie until I stop, and then it says owie for several days, to punish me for not listening to it immediately. I’m in physical therapy and I’m treating it, but nothing seems to be working – yet.

If you’re a runner and you can’t run, that’s not a good thing, generally speaking. But if you are training for The Big Race, a 140.6 mile mumble-mumble*, and you can’t run, it seems a lot bigger.

I’m currently signed up for three triathlons this summer – an Olympic in Frenchtown in early June, a half Ironman in Coeur D’Alene in late June, and then the full-distance mumble-mumble in late August. And I’m having to address the question – what if I can’t run?

Right now, I’m entertaining the notion of doing the Olympic and the Half as “aqua-velo” events; that means, just the swim and the bike – use them as training opportunities, and as chances to practice my transitions.

And that leaves me with the question – what about the full mumble-mumble?

I may just have to walk it.

That means that I’d have to do the swim and bike fast enough to leave me enough time to walk a marathon, and still get it all done in 16 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

It sounds crazy – but, then, what sounds SANE about a mumble-mumble?

So once this calf calms down, I’m going to hit the elliptical for about four hours a week; this will (I hope) serve the dual purpose of allowing me to keep some of my running conditioning, while also prepare me for the possible eventually of walking 26 miles 385 yards (after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112).

Is this a path to glory? No, it is not. Is “Swim, Bike, Walk” what I wanted on my tombstone? No, sir, you betcha.

But will it get the mumble-mumble monkey off my back?

Oh, yes, sir 🙂


*we don’t actually use the term Ironman in this house, unless we’re referring to a Half Ironman– if we’re talking about a Full, we just mumble incoherently (“mumble-mumble”) rather than let the phrase “Ironman 140.6” pass our lips


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