Walking a Fine Line

I got the new Counting Crows CD, “Somewhere Under Wonderland”, a week and a half ago.


(editor’s note: yes, I know that this CD came out in 2014. But, to me, it’s the “new” one. Don’t bother me. Up until this, I still considered “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings”, released in March of 2008, to be “the new one”).

I put this in my car player the day I got it, and I haven’t taken it out yet – I listen to it during most of my driving. I’m really enj0ying it. N.B. – “most of my driving” isn’t much; there’s not a trip that I normally take that is longer than 10 minutes, and most are under four – a benefit of small-town living.

I knew after the first time through that these songs and I would wind up being long-term friends.

The problem that I have in these situations is that when I find new music that I really like, it seeps into my brain, and I find my ThinkMan® starts playing it without my permission. (Everybody has a ThinkMan®; it’s that MP3 player in your head. I generally have control over my ThinkMan® and use it while running, as it allows me to change volume and tempo on the fly; I sometimes listen to {almost} the entire Gin Blossoms CD “Congratulations I’m Sorry” at about 180 bpm during tempo runs, and sometimes have it repeat favorite verses or guitar solos. You can’t do that with your iPod.)

Getting an “earworm”, as they call it, isn’t too bad under most circumstances – the problem that I have is that sometimes the song that my ThinkMan® has on repeat plays even while I am asleep. Then I wake up over and over with the song in my head, all night log.

This time, I’m being careful. I’m not allowing myself to repeat a song in the car – it has to play all the way through the CD before I hear it again. I’m hoping to avoid the dreaded waking up with music that nobody else can hear by not allowing any one tune to take up residence. But it’s tricky. Right now, “Dislocation” is playing – as I type this, the chorus is running through my brain.

(Time for a pre-emptive strike – I just started listening to Classic Trance on Pandora, and that seems to have squelched Adam Duritz for the time being.)

So there’s a fine line that I find myself walking – listening to the new music enough to gain a relationship with it, while avoiding the all-night replays.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: It didn’t work. “Earthquake Driver” woke me up from my noon nap.



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