Memorial Day Tree Pics

I’m putting these here, so that we can look at them NEXT Memorial Day.

(Yes, I know, it’s not Memorial Day. Ethel took these pics with me shirtless, and I realized that that means that I’d think I’d look good, which would cause my ego to have a problem, whilst others would laugh at the old man, which would cause my ego to have a problem. So I asked her to take more pictures, but she won’t do it).

The idea is that this way, by taking pictures with me standing beside the trees, we’d be able to see the trees grow. This is my third new-construction house, and I always wanted to be able to see how the trees were growing, but never actually did this.

(Now that I am doing it, it’s a shoo-in bet that we’ll be elsewhere by next Memorial Day 🙂

So – the Tour de Trees – first, Spruce Willis beside the big boys (I’m not going to attempt to take a picture of the big aspen. They’re about 30 feet tall already):

Spruce Willis

We named him Spruce Willis because he’s, well, a spruce, and we have an Austrian Pine out front named Arnold Treezeneggar, so, there you have it.

Spruce has since sprouted a lot of three-inch buds on his tips, but that’s NOW, not THEN – we’ll see the effect of those next Memorial Day.

The Little Aspen – these guys were much smaller than the behemoths flanking Spruce.

Small Aspen

BTW – we’ve since mulched these berms and added perennials – but, again, that’s to be seen next year.

The middle triple-trunk aspen on this berm doesn’t seem to be stable – he keeps tilting with the wind. If this keeps up, I reckon I’ll have to stake him.

Now, the side tree (we don’t know what type this is – we lost the tag from the nursery).

Side Tree

This is one of the three trees that the builder put in, so I’m not quite as attached to these. But I’m still deep-watering them; can’t play favorites.

Close to the side tree, we put in a Lilac:


Ethel has high hopes for this guy.

Next up – the Snow Crab in the corner (another builder’s tree):

Corner Snow Crab

Here’s Arnold Treezenegger, who seems to be growing at a rapid pace:Arnold Treezeneggar

And, lastly, the front tree – another builder’s tree:

Front Tree

Well, there we have them. Now we’ll see what they look like next Memorial Day – assuming that we by then live in Cabo, or on Cozumel, or in Bend, or in Revelstoke….



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