A Long (Apparently) Dry Spell

Wow – it’s been almost two months since my last post.

That post was about doing IM 70.3 Coeur D’Alene, which went well enough that I turned around and signed up for the Full Monty – IM CdA, which is 21 August…which is why I haven’t done a blog post since then – because I’ve been way way too busy training for the SSoDKtM.

(editor’s note: The SDKtM {Stupidest Distance Known to Man} is the marathon, because it is 26 miles 385 yards – and it is that distance for a really silly reason having to do with British royalty and the rhinovirus. However, the SSoDKtM {Stupidest Set of Distances Known to Man} is the Ironman, because it is composed of THREE arbitrary distances – 2.4 miles, which came from the Swim Across the Bay, 112 miles, which came from a bike race around Oahu, and the marathon itself).

Since I last updated these pages, I have trained more than ever before in my long and boring life of training.

For instance – here’s the graph of last Saturday’s trainer ride, in which I stayed on the bike, clipped in for six hours, and listened to the same song on repeat the entire time, to gain “mental toughness” in addition to aerobic training:

This race is unlike anything ever before. A marathon is nothing compared to it – when one finishes the swim and bike, the joke is “well, all that’s left is a marathon.” Contrariwise, since running the marathon in a Mumble-Mumble comes after the bike and swim, it’s the hardest marathon one can imagine.

We spent three weeks on Cozumel, which was “supposed” to be a diving trip – but, of course, diving took second fiddle to triathlon training. Beach time took third fiddle. We rode LONG rides in heat and humidity; did a lot of running in the “air-conditioned” gym (“air-conditioned” in Mexican advertising isn’t the same as “air-conditioned” in a Montana suburb) and swam in the local 25 meter pool. We trained a lot; it was the training peak of my life.

So I’m not concerned about the swim and bike; I’ve done overdistance on both of them many times in training. I’ve done so many century+ rides – both on the roads and on the trainer – “I ain’t skeered”. But the longest I’ve gone on my feet was a 20 miler on Cozumel the day after a century – and that *hurt*.

And then my calf seized up when I tried my last long run, a week and a half ago. So now – I can’t run at all.

Sure, I’m doing all I can – three massage and MAT (Muscular Activation Therapy) treatments last week, two this week, got two more scheduled for next week. Stretching everything, taking it easy on the calf, and Ethel is giving me ice massage nightly. I’m doing everything that I can to prepare my leg for 26.2 miles, but I won’t be able to run the whole thing – heck, I’m scared to try to run ANY of it, because if my calf seizes up again, I won’t be able to finish.

So now I’m in the silly situation of having trained well for a Mumble-Mumble, but can’t take the risk of running the marathon, which means that I am going to be out there for a long, long time.

Which will leave me in the situation where, if I finish, I’ll be wondering – couldn’t I have done better were I not injured?…and (horror of horrors) that will lead to the thought – shouldn’t I try another one?

  1. Dave C said:

    Congratulations IronMan. Looks like you must have suffered on the “run” but you finished!

  2. I think that I might be *suffering* more in recovery. The event was long, but since I WALKED the run, it didn’t hurt as bad as it would have.

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