Ich Bin Ein Doofus

(editor’s note – perhaps this should be “eine Dufus” instead. I’m not sure about the gender of “doofus”. And sometimes I spell is “dufus”, so there’s that).

Here’s the view from our condo club dreadmill, which is where I’m pretty much doing all of my running these days –


My runs these days are all progressive – I start out slow, and slowly increase the pace based on a complicated set of rules and procedures.* This is best done on a treadmill, and actually most-bestest done on the same treadmill rather than switching, to keep things consistent. So I use this one, even though it requires a 2% grade just to be level (as I found out, using a level) and tends to actually run 40 seconds slower** (or faster, depending on how you say it) than the mills at the local gym.

But currently, my twice-weekly longer runs are 70 minutes, for which the first hour is progressive, but then the last ten minutes is on-offs and plyometrics. This works, anyway, since club mills generally are set up to only allow one-hour runs before being reset.***

Yesterday morning I finished up my hour progressive run, grabbed a drink and went to the bathroom, and did some minor lifting and started stretching – and happened to look at my watch and thought “gee, I finished up about ten minutes earlier than I expected”.

tick….tick…tick…oh, yeah.

I had forgotten to do the additional ten minutes of sprints and drills.


Yes, it involved some discipline to take the shirt off, to get the treadmill set up and running again, and to get back on the dang thing – but the most unpleasant part was having to put the cold, wet, sweaty HRM strap back on my chest. That takes the cake for “Things Jim did today that he didn’t want to do”.

So, I may be a doofus, but at least I’m a disciplined doofus!

*I set a starting speed and a max heart rate, expressed as a range of 3 BPM – i.e. “135” BPM means “135 to 137 BPM”. Each five minutes, at 20 seconds before the five minute interval (i.3. 4:40, 9:40, etc) I raise the speed of the mill 0.1 MPH if I am below the range any time during the 20 second period; if I am inside the range but not below at all, then I keep the same speed; if I am always above the range, then, after the 20 seconds is up, if I’m still above the range, I have to slow down 0.1 MPH.

**i.e Using my Garmin footpod, I will wind up with a distance about the same or slightly less than what the treadmills at the Whitefish Wave report; on the condo club mill, though,  the footpod reports about 40 seconds per mile faster than the mill says that it is going. So the 5.8 MPH showing, above, is more like 6.1 MPH on the footpod.

***I did manage to convince Wayne, the tech at the Wave, to change one line of treadmills to have a 2 hour timeout rather than 1. We’ll see if they keep it that way.

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