Dig Date

We have a Dig Date.


March 1st.

A “dig date” means the day that the are actually supposed to start digging for the foundation. Implicit in this concept is the idea that they will have, prior to this date, prepped the land – staked it out and cut down the trees.

Having a dig date a month away means that we are now in the throes of much paperwork and moving money around – appraisal, getting the construction loan, getting the approval from the HOA for our plans and colors and landscaping, firming up all the bids, and a lot of things from which Ethel is insulating me (for which I am very grateful).

Building a home is a new thing for us. We’ve bought three new homes – two were completed, and one was down to colors and finishes that we got to select. This is something entirely different – everything here is Puckett defined. We chose the lot, we chose the builder. We designed the home – gave the architect the desired layout, and then spent six months refining the plans.

Having designed the floor plan and layout, we are selecting everything from the drywall in – colors, hardwood and carpet, cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, the whole nine yards.

Which means that when we’re done, we have nobody but ourselves to blame šŸ™‚

So now starts the process of watching – watching them stake out the dig, at which time we’ll be walking around and saying “Oh – so THIS is where the dining room will be!… You mean that will be the view from the bedroom?”

Seeing the hole in the ground, and seeing it filled with concrete. Watching the pipes go in – seeing the walls go up – then the trusses, at which point we’ll see the skyline.

Then drywall – and there’s a house!

But first, they dig a hole.





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